5 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Video Production Agency

Hiring a video production company saves time, but choosing the wrong one can really waste your resources.

While you’re marketing for your business, it’s often challenging to create effective content for your brand. Without the necessary expertise, resources, and equipment, producing high-quality videos in-house can be time-consuming.

This is where the need for hiring a professional video production company arises. By outsourcing video production tasks to experts, businesses can ensure top-notch quality, creativity, and efficiency in their marketing efforts.

However, with numerous production companies available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. And the important question- How can you ensure that the video production agency you select delivers results that meet your expectations?

To answer this question, it’s essential to understand the common mistakes businesses make when hiring production companies and how to avoid them. Let’s delve into some of these mistakes and explore effective strategies for finding the ideal video production partner.



Misjudging the Size of Your Project:

Businesses often make the mistake of not fully understanding the size and complexity of their video production project. This can lead to problems like choosing a company that’s too big or too small for the job, causing expectations to fall short.

Instead, take the time to assess your project needs—consider your budget, timeline, and creative vision. Then, request proposals from different companies and check their past work and client feedback to find the best fit for your project.



Choosing the First Production Company You Find:

Choosing the first production company you find is a common mistake many businesses make. This rush can result in missed opportunities to find a better fit in terms of expertise, quality, and budget.

Solution? Take the time to research and compare multiple production companies. Consider factors such as portfolio, pricing, reputation, and client reviews. Schedule consultations or meetings with shortlisted production companies to discuss your project in detail and assess their suitability based on their understanding and proposed solutions.



Trusting the Lowest Bidder:

Trusting the lowest bidder is another pitfall to avoid. While cost is important, prioritizing it over quality and expertise can lead to compromised production quality, limited creative input, and potential hidden costs or add-ons later in the project.

Instead, focus on value rather than solely on price. Consider factors such as experience, portfolio quality, equipment, and post-production services offered. Request detailed quotes from shortlisted production companies, ensuring transparency regarding pricing, services included, and any potential additional charges.



Not Discussing Your Timeline:

Not discussing your timeline can lead to delays, rushed production schedules, and potential conflicts if the agreed-upon deadline is not met.

Prioritize open and transparent communication with the production company regarding project milestones, deadlines, and delivery expectations. Establish a realistic timeline for your project in collaboration with the production company, including buffer periods for unexpected delays or revisions.



Letting Too Many People Work on 1 Project

Allowing too many people to be involved in the video-making process is a common mistake that can hinder efficiency and creativity. When numerous opinions are considered, decision-making becomes slower and more complicated, leading to potential conflicts and delays.

To sort this out, you can designate a single point of contact from your team who will liaise with the production company. This individual should be responsible for conveying feedback, making decisions promptly, and ensuring that the project stays on track.

By streamlining communication and decision-making, the production process can proceed smoothly and result in a more cohesive final product.


Comparison Chart: Top Video Production Agencies

To help you further. Here’s a handy comparison chart of leading video production agencies. It saves you research time by summarising their specialities and pricing, making it easier to find the right fit for your project.


  • Video Speciality: Multiple videos, emotionally resonating content, better quality than anyone else in the industry, simplification of complex concepts, effectively conveying why you’re #1 in your market.
  • Pricing: $999 – $4850+ per minute of finished video.
  • Ideal for: B2B Industries – SaaS, Crypto & Blockchain, Cyber Security, Training and Development, Educational, Healthcare, Start-up, Metaverse, and more.
  • Online Ratings: 4.9/5


YumYum Videos

  • Video Speciality: Animated Explainer Videos with Quick Turnaround Times.
  • Pricing: $8K+.
  • Ideal for: Animation and Tutorials with Fast Turnarounds.
  • Online Ratings: 4.9/5



  • Video Speciality: Animated Explainer Videos for B2B/B2C high-profile Corporate Content.
  • Pricing: Starts from $2995.
  • Ideal for: Agriculture, Automotive, Beauty, Charity, Construction, Crowdfunding & Kickstarter, Cyber Security, E-commerce, Financial Services, Fintech, Food & Drink, Health and Fitness, Health and Safety, Healthcare, Hospitality & Hotel, Human Resources, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Nonprofit, Real Estate, Recruitment, Software, Startup, and Travel
  • Online Ratings: 4.8/5


Demo Duck

  • Video Speciality:Unique Techniques Like Claymation for Unusual Technique-Driven Videos.
  • Pricing: $10K+.
  • Ideal for: All Industries, big-name companies.
  • Online Ratings: 5/5



  • Video Speciality: Creative Strategy Support, Top-Tier Talent, Agile Delivery.
  • Pricing: Packages Start at $7,500/month.
  • Ideal for: Enterprise and Mid-Market Companies Needing Comprehensive Video Solutions.
  • Online Ratings: 3.3/5



  • Video Speciality: Documentary-Style Videos for Human-Centered Marketing and Branding.
  • Pricing: $3,000+.
  • Ideal for: Software & Tech, Education, Retail & E-commerce, Beauty & Fashion, Health & Fitness, Food & Restaurant, Professional Services, Home & Garden, Medical & Biotech, Travel & Hospitality, and Real Estate.
  • Online Ratings: 4.8/5



  • Video Speciality: Big-budget commercials, Especially for Tech Companies.
  • Pricing: $250K+.
  • Ideal for: Tech Product Videos and Big-Budget Marketing Campaigns.
  • Online Ratings: Not available


Casual Films

  • Video Speciality: Full Suite of Video Capabilities for Corporate Audiences.
  • Pricing: $15K – $20K per Project.
  • Ideal for: Enterprise-Level Businesses Requiring Brand Support.
  • Online Ratings: 5/5



Bottom line

While hiring a video production company can streamline the creation of compelling content for your business, it’s crucial to avoid common pitfalls that can derail your efforts. Misjudging the size of your project, choosing the first company you find, trusting the lowest bidder, neglecting to discuss your timeline, and allowing too many people to be involved in the process are all mistakes to steer clear of.

To ensure a successful partnership with a video production agency, take the time to thoroughly assess your project needs, research and compare multiple companies, prioritize value over cost, communicate openly about timelines and expectations, and streamline decision-making processes. By avoiding these mistakes and implementing effective strategies, you can find the ideal video production partner to elevate your marketing efforts and achieve your business goals.

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