Cyber Security


WE Onboarded both mainstream and crypto native users in under a minute, connecting to any Web3 application with their social login or wallet.  It can be integrated into any Web3 wallet or application in under 10 minutes.    It enables a simple passwordless experience that retains the security guarantees necessary for decentralized users through threshold …

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By opening a decentralised marketplace for computing assets, we resolve this critical need in the growing digital economy. Now you can share decentralised computing power, innovative applications, valuable datasets, and much more.   Using an emerging technology called confidential computing, assets traded on the marketplace can now be used on any computer connected to the …

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BlackFog ADX

We THE LEADER IN ADX, ANTI-DATA EXFILTRATION, prevents cyberattacks, ransomware extortion, data breaches by securing your data on the device. We know ATTACKERS will find their way in and we make sure DATA HAS NO WAY OUT and also NO UNAUTHORISED DATA LOSS.