They create scientifically formulated, industry-standard supplements that will bring everlasting joy to your life and relationships.

Bio 365

Their products are formulated as the highest-performing growing media on the market. By harnessing the science of biomimicry, our formulas are inspired to mimic natural outdoor growing environments… resulting in increased crop quality, production, and profits… All while reducing your input. Their soils’ main feature is our breakthrough invention, bioCHARGE – a biologically activated and …

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With some “lifetime-income” products, when a member passes away, their remaining income goes to the shareholders of an insurance company.   But we are here to help, with all the money staying in the fund, which means the monthly income for the remaining members starts increasing — sometimes dramatically. And by relaunching this very successful …

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Social Network

Be rewarded for contributing to the societies taking on the multi-trillion dollar market of sustainable development goals. These missions are our future.   As these societies prove to the network that they can solve the global problems we face, they’ll receive more funds from the decentralized Global Treasury to take on these missions.  This positive …

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It is the world’s most trusted services supply chain intelligence platform. It combines unmatched global market data with proprietary analytics to automate the design of modern work. Providing the right team, from the right source, at the right price. Powered by AI, and over 400 billion dollars of real-time transaction data, TDX ingests your data …

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We are a fast-paced scalable network of blockchains where unique and experimental ideas flourish in a unified Omni-chain substrate. With decentralized governance and cross-chain liquidity,   We foster organic growth in every direction, dismantle hierarchies, And transcend the barriers that currently isolate chains and value.   Now you can build and deploy your own out-of-the-box …

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Our Network seamlessly switches between providers, giving users blockchain access with unparalleled speeds and with built-in redundancy – far exceeding what anyone infrastructure provider can deliver on their own. And with our token powering the entire thing. access to the entire network.  


  We are here to make it easy to begin your blockchain development journey by building from day one.  Simply connect your hosting and let we lead you through the process by setting up, configuring, and managing your infrastructure, network, API’s, and more.    Whether you need network configurations, smart contracts, API configurations, or any …

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Panda Terminal

THE terminal for comprehensive analytics, research, and advanced trade execution with hardware wallet support    Enabling market professionals to act with speed and confidence every step of the way .

Radix Engine

We make smart contract logic simple, secure, reusable, and composable. Combined with Scrypto’s asset-oriented language, developers can focus on innovation and building feature-rich dApps designed to disrupt the financial industry at scale.   Because for DeFi to reach billions of users, it will need millions of developers. And to handle trillions of dollars, it will …

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