To us, a video is more than just an interplay of color & music. It's a message delivered.
A goal achieved. A problem solved.

Animated explainer videos
by MotionVillee

2 Minutes to SELL. What if you have only 120 seconds to sell, train or communicate?

A strategically-crafted animated explainer video by MotionVillee makes it possible.


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A Full-Service Video Production Company specializing in Motion Graphic Explainer Videos.

Get one-of-a-kind video that will communicate with clarity, hook an audience, and inspire them to action.


  • Simplify

    Get complex, elaborate and often tricky concepts across without turning off the modern digital consumer.

  • Strategize

    Get a wholly new route for your digital marketing strategy - one that your competitors will not be currently utilizing.

  • Scale

    Explore infinitely scalable opportunities, elevate your online presence, stand out from the competition, and increase customer conversion.

  • Structure

    Right dynamic, format, and visuals for your video, coupled creative storytelling, bold illustrations, and exciting innovation.

Custom, High-quality Videos and Animation to teach, sell, inspire...

Discover how we can help you.

World’s leading brands have chosen MotionVillee explainers to tell their stories.

Top 8 (honest) reasons that make us the most trusted Explainer Video Company

A glorious track record of supercharging the funnels

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Returning Clients

Our clients swear by our meticulous process and we're not surprised...

  • We nail the briefi

    to uncover goals, KPIs, target audience, budgets, and timelines, to absorb where an animation or explainer video sits within the brand's wider marketing strategy.

  • We tell a compelling story

    with a punchy script to weave in the brand promise with strategic, targeted messaging.

  • We care about sound

    and get into the nitty-gritty of music, voiceover, and sound effects to heighten the visuals and stir emotions in ways that the audience can’t even articulate.

  • We deliver results

    so that the entire video-making exercise gets the client conversions and brings us good credit.

"Do I really need a video?" A breakthrough brand video is a must-have, amid falling attention spans & clutter.

  • So many competitors are using videos.

    We make yours stand out & perform better.

  • Videos are not overheads, but investments.

    Increase brand visibility and reach to fetch leads.

  • Static messaging is limiting.

    Video is the most compelling format digitally.

  • Complex Offerings info can be overwhelming.

    Explain everything in great depth & with greater simplicity.

Great storytelling drives great metrics.

The vendor's drive to achieve stakeholders' objectives despite obstacles has cultivated a positive partnership. They maintain a flexible approach without sacrificing quality. The team uses a streamlined, smooth method of communication.

Stephen pope

Director, Video Production Company

The videos have continuously earned the business plenty of praise from clients through testimonials. As an ongoing partner, they’ve been highly valuable because of their consistency and creativity. Their work always comes out as expected and their strong communication makes for a smooth workflow.

Sanjay Shah

Director, Visionary Digital Studios

After the client’s several failed relationships with animation service providers, the team serves as a stable, reliable partner that can deliver on time and within budget. Communicating through Basecamp and Skype, they have increased the repurchase rate to 40% in their efforts.

Campbell Watson

Founder, Clarity Animations

Motionville produced videos that are exactly what the client asked for. The team was communicative and handled feedback very well. The quality of their work is outstanding, and they're also able to quickly incorporate requested changes. The client can't think of any areas of improvement.

Shari Steinman

Assistant Professor, West Virginia University

The project hasn't finished yet, but the client is pleased with Motionvillee's videos. They usually meet on Basecamp and Skype with fast replies with precise timelines. Although, the client suggests a better database of voiceover actors.

Oleksandr Kovalchuk

Product Manager, Thync

While it's still too early to tell the results or measured outcome, the stakeholders were more than satisfied with the final output by Motionvillee. The team worked efficiently despite the small issues in communications. Overall, the project was a success.

Jo Walbers

Owner, Steam Engine C&C

We've been acknowledged

“Top Animated Explainer Video Company”




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