Our clients swear by our meticulous process and we're not surprised...


Think of this like the first date. You can’t marry someone you don’t know, right? First we must get to know you and your product/service.

We shoot you a creative  brief for you to fill in, which we’ll then delve deep into with your Scriptwriter. The goal of this meeting is to understand everything we need to know – your product, target audience, mothers maiden name, etc. 


Once our team knows your brand’s goal and various aspects, it’s time to turn it all into an amazing script that has the ability to connect with your audience and persuade them to action.

This step curates the solid base for your explainer video and hence, is the most important in the process. 


Videos aren’t sole visuals but also have a solid, convincing voice. Our team consists of various professional voiceover artists who know exactly how voice can be used to attract action from people.

Male, female, accents, or fancy- no matter what your video demands, we have voiceover solutions that come directly from professional studios. 


At this point, our team is all set to give your brand video a visual form. We create a storyboard before working on the actual video. The storyboard includes the visual representation of each scene of your video in accordance with the script to give you an idea of what your video will look like.

From your brand’s design essence to your personal preferences in designing- everything is kept in mind to curate the best storyboard for you. 


Once we finalize what your video would look and sound like, our team starts bringing it to life. Our animation experts step in to animate your explainer video by bringing together the storyboard and the essence of your brand.

Our team will ensure that animation brings the emotions, goals, and perspective of the video clearly to the table. 

Sound Design

Once the animation is finalized, it’s time to give your video the voice it needs. Finalized voiceovers are combined with some great background music and sound effects to complete the video.

And, don’t worry. You’d be a part of this process so the best voice can be curated for your brand video. You will also get a subtitled version once the video is complete. 

Final Handover

Now, it’s time for the final handover of your brand video. Once the video is fully approved, our team will send across a special handover package. This will not just have the video but also ways to make the best use of it coming directly from our experts.

Though optional, you can still choose to take our specific digital marketing services that would be exclusively planned and executed to bring the best results for your brand. 

Ready to win with video? You know your brand. We know video.

Let’s partner up and collab on a video production that gets the job done, whatever the job may be.
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