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We help B2B SaaS companies make their complex messages simple and memorable with SaaS video production in under 90 seconds.

We help you launch those videos across your entire marketing and sales funnel, to every decision-maker in your market, using digital strategy and advertising.

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Major Challenges  SAAS Explainer Videos Resolve

Whenever you’re launching a new tech application or creating a ground-breaking engineering project, chances are your audience will not entirely understand your product at first glance.

Due to its non-material nature, software as a service product is hard to explain in a nutshell. As a SaaS video production company, we address these issues by creating a complete video coverage strategy that is best suited for your Saas product and services.

Our strategy will help to grow your business with tailor-made video content solutions that will engage your audience, get you more customers, drive revenue to your doorstep, and skyrocket brand awareness, with ease. Think of animated explainer videos for SAAS as a brief, informative, and not-boring sales pitch that works around the clock for your SaaS.
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Challenge #1

Standing Out in a Crowded

As the SaaS market continues to grow, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. This is especially true for startups and smaller companies, which may not have the same resources as the bigger players in the space. SaaS explainer videos are attention-grabbing and can quickly engage potential customers, increasing the chances of them exploring your offerings.
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Challenge #2

Focusing Too Much on Technology, not enough on People

When selling SaaS, it’s important to focus on the people who will be using the product, not just on the technology behind it. Technology is important, but people are the ones who will be using the product. Explainer Videos for Saas cover every technical aspects of your product and services, communicating the benefits of your SaaS product without overwhelming the audience with jargon, making it accessible to all.
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Challenge #3

Failing to Create a Strong
Brand Identity

A strong brand identity representation is essential for any SaaS company. It helps you stand out from the competition, makes you more recognizable, and helps you build trust and credibility. Our Saas video coverage strategy use multiple narratives and videos for your sales & marketing funnel. We tailor videos to reflect your brand’s personality and establish a strong emotional connection with your audience, fostering brand loyalty.
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Challenge #4

Creating Compelling Content that Engage, Educate & Inform

It is difficult to effectively communicate SAAS solutions and why they matter in the shortest time due to complex messaging and confusion. One way to overcome this challenge is to focus on quality over quantity. Motionvillee develops SaaS explainer video strategies with high-quality, visually stunning content for multi-platform use. We emotionally crafted videos to tell your brand’s story & why you matter in the simplest way possible.

Your videos will look like these Motionvillee client examples

Neevcloud – SaaS Video Production

Neevcloud – SaaS Video Production

Motionvillee Portfolio Thumbnail: HRMS Platform
HRMS Platform

HRMS Platform

Shoppliy – SaaS Video Production

Shoppliy – SaaS Video Production

Motionvillee Portfolio Thumbnail: Secops Cloud Platform
Secops Cloud Platform

Secops Cloud Platform

Nextweb – SaaS video Production

Nextweb – SaaS video Production

Nest – SaaS Video Production

Nest – SaaS Video Production

Precure – SaaS Video Production

Precure – SaaS Video Production

Neevcloud 2 – SaaS Video Production

Neevcloud 2 – SaaS Video Production

Discover How We Can Help Your Saas

As a SaaS video production company, we offer a full range of tailored services that precisely match your unique requirements.

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Why Is It Different To Other SaaS Video Production Companies?

Motionvillee does things very differently. Here’s how we’re different from other video agencies you may have experienced.
Visually, your video will stand out more than any of your competitors
Visually, your video will stand out more than any of your competitors
You won't require a Hollywood budget
You won’t require a Hollywood budget
We're specialised in B2B SaaS
We’re specialized in B2B SaaS. So we bring the experience from your peers.
More than just a video. We'll show you how to launch your video to every decision-maker in your market with B2B Digital Strategies
More than just a video. We’ll show you how to launch your video to every decision-maker in your market with B2B Digital Strategies
We deliver multiple video versions so that your video stays fresh for your audience.
We don’t deliver just one video. We deliver multiple video versions so that your video stays fresh for your audience.
Motionvillee becomes your secret weapon.
After your initial project, we’re a long term partner for your video production – Motionvillee becomes your secret weapon.
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Why do all SaaS products need a Video in their Marketing Strategy?


How Much Does SaaS Video Production Services Cost?

The cost of SaaS (Software as a Service) video production services with an animation company can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the animation, the length of the video, the quality of the animation, and the level of customization required. Here’s a general breakdown

 Basic SaaS Video

Simple animations with minimal customization.
$1540 - $2550

Standard SaaS Video

More polished animations with moderate customization and professional voiceover.
$2550 - $4850

High-End SaaS Video

Custom animations, complex visuals, advanced storytelling, and premium voiceover talent.
Keep in mind that these are rough estimates, and actual prices may vary depending on your specific requirements and the rates charged by animation companies. It’s essential to discuss your project details with potential vendors to get accurate quotes tailored to your needs and budget. Additionally, factors like scriptwriting, storyboard creation, multiple revisions, music licensing, and any additional services required may also affect the final cost of your video production project.

FAQs for SAAS Animated Explainer Video

What is an explainer video, and how can it benefit my SaaS product?
An explainer video is a short, engaging video that simplifies complex ideas and presents them in an easy-to-understand manner. It benefits your SaaS product by effectively communicating its value, features, and benefits to your target audience, increasing user engagement, and driving conversions.
The cost of creating an animated explainer video can vary widely based on factors such as video length, complexity, animation style, and more. We offer customized pricing tailored to your specific project needs. Contact us for a detailed quote.
Creating a SaaS explainer video typically takes 8-12 weeks. The process begins with an initial consultation and briefing (1-2 weeks), followed by scriptwriting (1-2 weeks). Next is storyboarding (1-2 weeks), voiceover recording (1 week), and animation/design (3-4 weeks). Sound design and music are added in another week, followed by a final review and revisions (1 week). Finally, the video is exported and delivered (1 week). This timeline ensures thorough planning, feedback incorporation, and high-quality production, though it can vary based on video complexity and client responsiveness.
Yes, we can customize the video to align with your brand’s style, colors, and voice. We aim to ensure that the video seamlessly integrates with your brand identity.
Video content is highly engaging and can effectively communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. Investing in SaaS video production can help increase brand awareness, improve customer understanding of your product, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates and sales.
We have over 13 years of experience in creating explainer videos for SaaS companies. Our team has successfully produced numerous high-quality videos that clearly explain complex software solutions in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner. We specialize in all aspects of the production process, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, voiceover, and sound design. Our videos have helped SaaS companies effectively communicate their value propositions, improve customer understanding, and boost conversion rates. By understanding the unique needs and goals of each client, we ensure that our explainer videos are tailored to resonate with their target audience and achieve maximum impact.
Yes, we provide multiple revision rounds to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. We value your feedback and work collaboratively to meet your expectations.
Certainly, we can share examples of our past work and case studies that highlight the positive impact our animated explainer videos have had on other SaaS companies.
Getting started with our SaaS explainer video services is a straightforward process. First, we begin with an initial consultation to understand your product, target audience, and goals. During this meeting, we gathered all the necessary information and created a detailed project brief. Next, we move on to scriptwriting, where we develop a compelling script based on your input. Once the script is approved, we create a storyboard to visualize the video’s scenes. After your approval, our team will proceed with animation and voiceover recording. Finally, we incorporate sound design, review the video with you, make any necessary revisions, and deliver the final product.
Investing in a video for your SaaS product can yield significant ROI by enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and conversion rates. A well-crafted explainer video simplifies complex concepts, making your product more accessible and appealing to potential customers. Videos can increase website traffic, improve SEO rankings, and boost social media engagement.
They also serve as valuable sales tools, helping prospects understand your product quickly, and leading to higher conversion rates. Additionally, videos can reduce support costs by providing clear, visual explanations of your product’s features and benefits. Overall, the investment in video content can drive more qualified leads and improve customer retention.

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