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2D Animation Production

2D animation videos use characters to demonstrate the story, the action, and everything in between. The best part is that these characters have no limit when designing- they could be walking bamboo sticks, dancing girls, or even trees that could talk.

Characters in 2D animation are more often than not, extremely relatable to the audience. And, this is exactly the reason why 2D animation works wonders for a lot of brands out there. Depending on what your ultimate goal is, a 2D animation can be molded in numerous ways.

If you have a goal and story that can be simplified with simple characters to reach the audience in a simple and sweet way, then 2D animation production is for you. 

3D Animation Production

The technical advancements that took place in the last decade have undoubtedly given us some major benefits. One such benefit is 3D animation- something which could be created out of literally nothing.

Well, not literally. But 3D animation doesn’t necessarily need characters to tell an amazing story. What is it then? Well, 3D animation software lets you use numerous models, structures, and shapes along with textures and effects to create an amazing storytelling video.

Today, the market is not just limited to selling living essentials but has advanced products and services that make the experience of living absolutely efficient and advanced. These services and products are usually so complex that a simple character cannot explain their need and importance. 3D animation helps simplify such complex concepts with interesting, out-of-this-world visuals.

If your brand has a story that is complex to demonstrate on a flat surface or a message that needs deep understanding, then 3D animation is what you can rely upon without a doubt. 

Motion Graphics Production

Motion graphics simply refers to using charts, graphs, icons, shapes, numbers, and alphabets to depict a story or the need of a brand for the common audience.

Though the definition seems boring, motion graphics usually turn out absolutely engaging when used the right way with a clear purpose. With everything shifting to the digital platform, new successful start-ups have emerged which do not sell an actual product or service. They deal in services or products that are based in the virtual world. Motion graphics help such start-ups represent their brand in simpler ways.

When a product or service is based entirely on the digital world, it becomes difficult for characters to represent their need. It may be possible that these brands don’t have a simple human value that can be told through simple animations and stories. This is where motion graphics help- they tell your message in such an interesting way that it feels like it is a story.

If you have a product or service entirely based in the virtual world, then motion graphics can help you tell your story and persuade a potential audience into connecting with you. 

Video Series

It’s common for brands to release a set of different animated videos at a time. So we at Motionvillee make sure that all the videos created are consistently aligned under the same theme and branding. A video series can work out great for companies who are looking to set up long-term marketing campaigns.

Video series open new possibilities in the realm of compelling content marketing storytelling.
Using animated video series for your brand marketing efforts is a great way to connect with customers on a more personal yet organised level. We here strive to make it simple to exhibit your brand’s unique perspective and personality.

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Training Videos

Training videos are simply the ones that educate the audience. When talking about its purpose and goals, they can vary from brand to brand. You might need a short training video series to attract meaningful conversations and spread your brand message; some other brands may use training videos to educate the audience about who they are and why they are important to people. The goals of a training video can be spreading the word or boosting up sales. Training videos can bring amazing engagement results to your brand and increase your reach. You can also use this style of video for specific campaigns for your brand.

Product Demo Videos

If you have a product to sell and want to let the audience know how they can use it, you make a product demo video. Sounds simple? Well, it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds.

Product demo videos are a great way to attract the potential audience and convince them that your product is what they need. However, these videos work great only when planned out greatly. When executed rightly, product demo videos can communicate your product’s value in the best way.

If you are a brand that wants to boost sales for a product, then demo videos are probably what you should try this time. 

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