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While managing a B2B brand, differentiating yourself from established competitors in a crowded market seems challenging.
Our brand explainer videos spotlight your brand’s unique selling points, setting it apart from competitors and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Real Results Across a Wide Range of Industries

Check out some of our video projects, and let’s discuss how we can create exceptional work for you as well.
Premium- Marketing- Coffee Campaign
Marketing Integration Platform

Premium- Cyber Security- Bot Mitigation

Premium- Cyber Security- Bot Mitigation
Direct Carrier Billing
Marketing Integration Platform

Customer Support Platform for Businesses

Customer Support Platform for Businesses

Premium- Crypto – An Open Source Smart Contract Language

Premium- Crypto – An Open Source Smart Contract Language

Fast-Paced Scalable Network of Blockchain

Fast-Paced Scalable Network of Blockchain
Talent Data Exchange
Aetas Energy – Smart Mining Promo
Your Portal For All Things Crypto

Premium- Cyber Security- Bot Mitigation

Premium- Cyber Security- Bot Mitigation
Security for Cyber-Physical Systems
Cyber Attack Prevention
Penetration testing services
Anti Data Exfiltration
Lifetime Income (Pension)
Digital Wallet with Global Reach
Bridge between Agriculture & Credit
Account Receivable Automation Software
Mild Cognitive Impairment Diagnosis

High Quality Medicine for Serious Diseases

High Quality Medicine for Serious Diseases
Pharma Product demo
Clinical Trial Program
Why Animation by Motionvillee
Robotics- Stylization

Tim Ferris & Terry Crews- Self Belief Moment

Tim Ferris & Terry Crews- Self Belief Moment

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What are brand explainer videos and why use them?

Brand explainer videos are concise visuals that showcase a company’s unique value proposition, mission, and offerings. They capture brand’s concept, values, and services in a visually engaging format, making complex ideas easily understandable to viewers.
These videos serve as powerful marketing tools, helping businesses build brand awareness, establish credibility, and connect with their target audience on a deeper level. By effectively conveying the brand’s story and benefits, explainer videos can boost engagement, build trust, and drive conversions for the business.

How does Motionville create a concept for an explainer video?

Crafting a concept for your brand’s explainer video is essential, and we ensure it’s a collaborative team effort!
We begin by grasping your objectives with a creative brief. Next, we brainstorm numerous ideas aligning with your vision. Once we refine the top choices, we present them to you for input.
After selecting the ideal concept, we fine-tune it and prepare to craft the script. We emphasize emotional storytelling to deeply resonate with your audience. Additionally, we strategically determine the video’s placement in your marketing funnel to maximize its impact.

How Animated Brand Explainer Videos can do wonders for businesses

Brand explainer videos are the perfect marketing tool as they effectively communicate a brand’s story, build trust and increase customer retention within 2 minutes.
Now, let’s explore how explainer videos can enhance your business.

Attracts attention

Can capture the viewer’s attention more effectively than text or static images.

Simplify the complexity

Effectively communicate complex business concepts within a limited timeframe.

Reach diverse audience

Easily adapted to various languages and cultures, it is usable across various marketing platforms

Psychological Connection

Storytelling and visuals evoke emotions and create impact in the minds of viewers.

Design Freedom

Offers limitless design possibilities, your concepts that go beyond real-world constraints.

Build Trust & Positivity

Animation ensures that what we see is not only possible but also positive and believable.

Why Are Animated Brand Explainer Videos Important for All Businesses?

In today’s digital age, captivating attention and engaging audiences are vital for effective marketing. Animated brand explainer videos play a crucial role in simplifying complex information and offer five key advantages.

What is the cost of making a Video with an Animated Brand Explainer Video Company?

The cost of crafting an animated brand explainer video can vary widely, influenced by several key factors. These include the complexity of the animation, video duration, animation quality, level of customization, the reputation and location of the animation company, and any additional services required (such as scriptwriting, voiceover, and music).
Typically, a straightforward animated brand explainer video might fall within the range of $1,000 to $5,000 per minute. However, for more elaborate animations, costs can soar to $5,000 to $20,000 or even more per minute.
To obtain precise quotes tailored to your project’s specifics, it’s essential to engage in discussions with animation companies.

How is Motionvillee different to other Video Production companies?

Motionvillee does things very differently. Here’s how we’re different from other video agencies you may have experienced.
We’re specialized in B2B brand explainer video production. So we bring the experience from your peers
Visually, your video will stand out more than any of your competitors
You won’t require a Hollywood budget
More than just a video. We’ll show you how to launch your video to every decision-maker in your market with Digital Strategies

We don’t deliver just one video. We deliver multiple video versions so that your video stays fresh for your audience.

After your initial project, we’re a long term partner for your video production – Motionvillee becomes your secret weapon.

Explainer Video FAQs

What is the typical cost of brand explainer video production?
The price of an animated explainer video for your brand can differ depending on factors such as the complexity of the animation and the video’s length. For simpler animations, you might expect to pay between $1,000 to $5,000 per minute, while more detailed animations could range from $5,000 to $20,000 or even more.
To get an accurate quote that matches your specific requirements, it’s best to consult with us directly. We offer free consultations to discuss your needs and provide customized quotes tailored to your budget and objectives.
The time required to produce a brand explainer video varies based on its complexity and length. Generally, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks from concept development to final production. For a more accurate timeline tailored to your project, consult with Motionvillee during your free consultation.
Yes, you can offer your insights throughout the creation of an animated brand video with Motionvillee. We value client participation and welcome your feedback to ensure the end result aligns with your vision. Feel free to share your thoughts on the script, storyboard, character design, animation style, and any other aspects you’d like to focus on. Your input is integral to crafting a video that resonates with your target audience and effectively communicates your brand message.
Yes, Motionvillee offers professional voiceover services as part of our brand explainer video production packages. Our team collaborates with talented voice artists to ensure your video not only looks great but sounds engaging as well. We provide a variety of voiceover styles and languages to cater to diverse audiences and enhance the storytelling of your video. Rest assured, we strive to deliver high-quality voiceovers that complement your brand message and resonate with your target audience.
Yes, at Motionvillee, we understand the importance of client satisfaction. If you’re not completely satisfied with the initial draft of your video, we offer revisions to ensure the final product aligns with your vision and meets your expectations. Our team works closely with you to address any feedback or changes you may have, ensuring that your brand’s story is effectively and accurately conveyed through our video production services.
Absolutely! At Motionvillee, we offer comprehensive brand explainer video production services that include scriptwriting and storyboarding for your brand. Our experienced team of writers and designers collaborates closely with you to develop engaging scripts and visually compelling storyboards that effectively communicate your brand’s message. We tailor our approach to match your unique requirements and ensure that the content resonates with your target audience. With Motionvillee, you can be confident in receiving a well-crafted, cohesive video that effectively tells your brand’s story and captivates your audience.
Our process typically involves initial consultation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, voiceover selection, revisions, and final delivery. We collaborate closely with you at each stage to ensure the video meets your expectations.
We start by understanding your needs thoroughly. Then our skilled writers craft a clear and engaging script, which we then use to create a storyboard planning out every scene.
We start by understanding your needs thoroughly. Then our skilled writers craft a clear and engaging script, which we then use to create a storyboard planning out every scene.

At Motionvillee, we’re prepared for any bumps in the road, ensuring your video turns out perfect every time.

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