Animated Explainer Video: 9 Amazing Types of Animation Styles

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The reason for the exploding popularity of animated explainer video is they are sound educational media with eye-catching visuals, narrative audio, and snappy animations. The colorful features that animated explainer videos bring to the table make them hard to skip or miss. Also, they are a double-edged sword when it comes to being an appropriate marketing tool to execute any business marketing strategy.

Let’s skip to why you clicked this link, learn the 9 different styles of animation in the blog post. We have outlined them for your perusal.

Motion Graphic Animation

This is the most selling animation style for animated explainer videos. It promises user engagement and a good shape to your marketing approach.

A special skill set is required to make these videos with special training in drawing and animation. Every minute detail needs to be taken care of in this style. The movement of small objects and the transition between frames are to be dealt with carefully. This is the reason why motion graphics takes most of the time of the animator compared to the other styles.

2D Animation

Lots of fun, lots of colors, lots of humor, lots of characters and detailed environmental elements, expect all this from a cartoon animation video. These videos are known to fetch a good response and are among the popular choices of those who hold experience in the field.

Whiteboard Animation

This animation style is all about illustrations and is the simplest 2D animation. It is more of a traditional approach towards animation explainer video. In this style, drawn images are portrayed on a clean white surface explaining the concept sequentially.

With a minimalistic design, this style is most effective as it keeps users engaged. This style is recommended for creating video series as well.

Kinetic Typography Animation

This style depends heavily on text and numbers along with relevant animation and suitable background music. Kinetic typography leaves a strong impact on the audience minds. It helps you convey your ideas clearly and influence people towards your product of interest.

Cutout Animation

As the name suggests, this style consists of cutout animation characters and objects from a piece of paper. It is very simple in the looks and movement and easy on eyes too. It engages the audience and conveys the message verbally.

It has a downside risk too as its simplicity can be downright boring and the video might not receive a proper response.

Silhouette Animation

In this style, the character shown in the explainer video is in the form of a silhouette. You can spice up the expressions of the character and even use the company’s brand color for the character to leave a better impact.

Icon Animation

3D Animation

A few decades ago who would have thought that objects that appear in the 3D space can be easily moved and rotated? This effect is revolutionary and leaves an impact that stays. This effect requires you to learn to digitally model a character, sculpt it, give it a skeleton which can be moved and manipulated. With 3D animation images, you have a a lot of possibilities up your sleeve. You can create TV commercials, full-length movies, short films and what not.

All you need to do is to pose the model at certain frames and the software takes care of the rest.

Isometric Animation Style

It can be defined in less than a sentence, this style is legible and geometric. It is smooth and clear to deliver complex ideas with simple illustrations like infographic animation style. At Motionvillee, we take pride in isometric deliverables and quality that we provide with details in the moving parts. With a varied animation library, we can deliver the best meaning to the underlying concept. Let our rockets, cars, and sharks save your day.

Stop Motion Animation

This style is the simplest yet the most tedious among all the animation style. It’s simple, draw a character, take photos, change an element in that photo, then take another. Compile all the pictures and you have your video.

The reason why it is tedious is it goes frame by frame. Also, for a video of a few seconds, you might require a hundred pictures. Good luck with that!

Screen Capture

This style is recommended if the underlying products are a website or an app. This is a step-by-step explainer video that shows how to use the given website or the mobile app, created with the help of animated screen capture of the website and the app.

This tutorial style of explainer videos improves the customer’s experience and maintains steady revenues along with educating the user.
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