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The State of Video Marketing 2019 report says that more than 87% of businesses now use video as a marketing tool. If we put in perspective that the number was 63% in 2017 and 81% in 2018, it is clear that there has been a tectonic shift towards making videos. Explainer videos are best to engage with your audience and deliver your message in a way that is easily digestible. Use the power of animation and graphics to increase your brand value and conversions. 

We give you a rundown of some of the best tools you can use for creating animated explainer videos:


It is an online software that lets you create animated videos. With high-quality animations to boot, they have a bunch of ready-made templates. Its drag and drop feature lets you create animated videos without any technical or coding knowledge. It comes with an intuitive interface which has a bunch of pre-made templates that you can choose from. This tool is mainly used for training and educational purposes. There are four plans: Starter, Pro, Pro+ and Agency. Their prices are $16,$19, $49 and $99/month respectively. The difference in these packages is based on the number of exports, length of the video, storage and so on. 


This tool has over 1300 images and 50+ music tracks that you can use to create full HD explainer videos. You can create explainer videos, animated presentations, video e-cards and more without prior knowledge of animation. Make videos and upload it to YouTube for free using Wideo. Wideo gives you a 7-day free trial after which you would have to upgrade to continue using their services. 

There are three payment options based on your requirements. The three price points are $19, $39 and $79/monthly if you were to pay annually. Their enterprise package comes with an entire suite of features that can help you create kick-ass videos. 


Create animated presentations, video infographics, and explainer videos with the Animaker tool. It comes with six different types of video styles- Handcraft, Infographics, Typography, Vertical videos, 2D and 2.5D. They have a free version that you can use to create 2-minute videos. If you want to use their premium version, they have three categories: Personal- $12/month, Startup- $19/month and Business- $39/month. Animaker’s Enterprise plan comes with a suite of creative tools and is one of the best DIY solutions for all your creative needs, it is billed at $99/month annually. 


They call themselves the world’s simplest video maker. They’ve had more than 3 million-plus videos already created using their platform. Using Biteable you can create video ads, explainer videos, infographics, animations and more. You can create unlimited free videos with their watermark on it. They have three plans: Starter Plan- $20/month, Pro Plan-$29/month, Unlimited Plan-$49/month. All of these are billed yearly. Biteable’s minimalistic design makes it a stand out. In fact, there is an opinion that its free version is more than enough to create professional videos. 


Vyond allows you to create professional animated videos for marketing, training and the eLearning industries. Enterprise, Business and Personal. While they are a bit on the costlier side, it is considered a highly effective animation tool. It comes with a range of data security and privacy features which makes it highly secure. It allows for effective collaboration so that you can work with your team smoothly. 


The trial version of Reallusion offers you G3 character human template and 3x fully functional PSD project. The features of the tool include G3 motion libraries, 2D motion key editing, face and puppet key editor, G2 characters with 3D motion key editor, elastic effect motion controller, timeline editing and more. 


This tool is easy to use, implement and more importantly- inexpensive. You can use images, text, and use voice-overs to create animated explainer videos that can help with your branding. With its intuitive drag and drop features, anyone with zero animation skills can easily make high-quality videos. One of the best things about VideoScribe is that it is one of the cheapest tools around. It has three plans- quarterly, monthly and yearly plan. Quarterly plan- $35 as 3 monthly payments, Monthly-$17.50 and $8/month if you take up the annual plan.


It is a popular DIY animation software which helps you create custom videos using its drag and drop feature. Use the tool to personalize your video by adding text, images and transition effects that will add more charm to the video. You can create professional-looking videos that will have the desired effect on your audience. Its media library gives you a variety of options that you can choose when building your animated video. Its unique text to animated video technology helps you create brilliant videos. 


Use the branding tools of Renderforest to create logos, professional intros, promo videos, slideshows, landing pages, explainer videos, and so on. You can export an unlimited amount of high-quality videos to use for your business even with its free version. They have four paid versions: Amateur, Pro, Popular and Agency. The tool also comes with plenty of templates that you can customize to create explainer videos without having to spend a lot of money. With its easy to use interface, you can edit videos, text and create seamless videos that will lift the value of your brand immensely. 


Did you know that 20% of your website visitors will read a document while at least 80% of them will watch a video? With all these tools available for you, it shouldn’t be an afterthought to invest in video marketing. Create explainer videos, how-to videos, company profile videos, webinars, company training videos, etc, with the help of the above tools that we have outlined here. 

Explainer videos are going to be in more demand over the days. You can use it to influence your customers the right way without sounding ‘salesy’. The explainer video industry has changed the way how companies brand and market themselves, get on to the bandwagon and create one for yourself. 

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