Business Video Trends: A Shift To Animated Videos

Animated Explainer Video Trends

A few years ago the only kind of business videos were extended corporate films, usually meant to be seen by just the stakeholders and covering everything from history to vision, mission, milestones, services, clients…and on and on. Today (and in the coming year), videos are taking over the digital world. Every brand and business has at least a few targeted videos to their name. 

But even within the shift in marketing strategy to include more videos, there is one trend that is becoming increasingly popular: the use of animated explainer videos. If you don’t know what those are, they’re videos that provide information, educate about or explain a product, service or idea, made using one or more animation styles and techniques and created by an animated explainer video production company. 

Just why are they getting so popular? We found more than a couple of reasons. Here’s a look at what makes animated explainer videos the perfect business videos: 

Can I Have Your Attention, Please?

If you have just three seconds to grab your audience’s attention, you want to make sure you attract them right off the bat. And that’s where animated videos win. With brightly-colored graphics and popping motions, animated videos ensure at least a second look. A good animated video company knows this and will create a video that ensures eyeballs. In the noisy world of modern marketing, sometimes that’s all it takes for a sale to occur. (After they watch your video of course!). 

They Make Info More Accessible: 

The best thing about animated explainer videos is that they make information more accessible. Ask anyone who actually creates them in an animated explainer video company and they will gush about how this video format allows for a lot more freedom in terms of motion and metaphors to explain concepts and services. They also provide an opportunity that a usual live-action video can’t often accomplish: to get outrageous, tickle your audience’s funny bone without being too outlandish and showing the brand or business as not taking customers seriously. 

Creative Content For Customers

Brand and business marketers are coming to realize that customers want to relate to them and feel connected. And the best way to do this is by listening to customers. 54% of customers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Brands can fulfill this demand and nurture customer relationships on different social media channels by sharing content that is both brand-friendly and customer-centric. Cue: animated videos! The mix of an informal format that can still carry a formal message but in an engaging and entertaining way is what makes animated videos the new favorite type of business video. 

Versatile Video Format:  

There are many types of animated videos, as any consult with an animated explainer video company will tell you. You can make a whiteboard video, use 2D or 3D characters, use kinetic typography or motion graphics depending on the content and tone you want to set. This kind of versatility gives marketers a huge number of options. They do not have to restrict themselves. They can use different styles and use brand colours as the common link. Or select the same style with unlimited variations for each of their videos. It’s a gigantic playing field, and everyone is welcome.

Easy On The Pocket:

Animated explainer videos do not come cheap, but you can still get an extremely high quality animated explainer video from a reputed and premium animated explainer video production company like Motionvillee for a fraction of the cost that it would take to produce a live action ad that could give you the same kind of reach and ROI.  Which is why it makes sense that businesses are choosing animated videos as their business videos over the more conventional and live-action commercials. 

Animated videos offer everything you’d want in your business video: to attract attention, make information accessible, create a feeling of bonding with customers, allow freedom for creativity and expression and even variety without any dilution of the brand and generate leads.No wonder then that an ever-increasing number of companies are looking for the ideal animated explainer  video company to partner with and make their business videos as animated videos. 

What would you choose for your business videos – an animated explainer or the usual talking heads style? Tell us in the comments. Or find out how you can keep up with the latest trend and make your next video an animated video by sending a quick mail to hello@localhost

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