Five myths about Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Videos Myths

People usually chicken out when someone suggests them to create an animated explainer video for their company. Though they already know the benefits of an explainer video. But they are still scary and reluctant. 

What do you think of Video marketing?…a passing fad or icing on your branding cake?

Let’s decide.

In this blog, we will unveil all the myths that will separate the facts from the fiction. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to video production. And companies they shy away from using a video production company.

Fact 1


Video is expensive and tedious to produce

Contrary to the popular myth, video production equipment is actually becoming a lot economical and more feasible. There is a common misperception that it takes long ages and costs the world to produce the video.

Well, clearly that’s a myth. The video production can be fast and affordable with the use of proper and clear storyboarding and of course effective design. The process that is followed plays an important role while making a good Animated Explainer Video- first messaging and storyboarding, then copywriting, visuals and sound…, but the benefits and process always outweigh the cost in the Motionville animated explainer video production company.


Videos are only for YouTube.

All you Have to do is Upload your Video to YouTube…The Rest is Magic….. Clearly NO. Videos are not only for YouTube. There are different social media and promotional sites where your videos can be posted. Including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Vimeo

Myths About Videos

“YouTube is the largest video website in the world”

But youtube isn’t only what people use so if you upload your videos only on youtube then you might only be able to cover 40% and miss out on the rest. If you want to capture the whole universe then you need to actively upload your videos on social media as well. Social media will cover your rest 50%. About your remaining 10%, nowadays most of the websites have become video-friendly, be sure that you include a killer animated explainer video on your homepage to capture and entice your audiences on your website. 


Video Production is not Necessary

Find it hard to bring traffic to your site?

Now it’s time to break this myth. An explainer animated video is crucial to allure your audience and drag them to your site.

Fact 3

And it’s still increasing. Think about a popular dog video that recently went viral. Have you seen it? Have your family seen it? Have your friends seen it? 

Probably. You are the one who most likely showed it to your family and friends in the first place. Videos are consistently and continually being shared. And it isn’t likely to stop any time soon.


It’s just for lead generation. 

Of course, the main aim is to do more business but this shouldn’t be the main goal. Videos can be used to target visitors towards purchases or to raise awareness, to teach consumer usability of products or for branding. So the lead generation should not be considered only the main focus of creating a video.

In short, many apprehensions that surround video marketing are unfounded. So are you ready to take advantage of the incredible and unbelievable power of an animated explainer video?

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