Future of Animated Explainer Video Industry

Future of Animated Explainer Video Industry

MotionVille truly believes that motion graphics and animated videos are the future of the Content Marketing industry. Animated explainer videos are a perfect tool to attract more customers to your website and the easiest way to tell them about what you do. Customers linger on a website for 20-30 seconds if they are not presented with something substantial enough to grab their attention. Cue: Explainer videos. You can easily convince your potential customers to stay back and learn more about you with the help of your explainer video that lasts for a mere 90 seconds. 

Here are some statistics that prove why videos are important:

Here is what the future holds for the explainer video industry:

Immense growth:

Expect a slew of VC-backed animated explainer video companies that will try to dominate the market. There will be more adoption of explainer videos as well. They will become a part of the mainstream where having an explainer video for your business is a necessity and not an afterthought. 

Shoppable videos:

In the near future, you can expect explainer videos that will also come with the option where it features links to products. While there hasn’t been much development in this, it is something that developers are creating, the possibility to interact with the elements in the video. There could be time-bound deals on the explainer video itself so that visitors can take immediate action while watching the video. 

Immersive experiences:

With Augmented Reality and Virtualy Reality coming into the fray, you can expect more immersive videos. Also called as 360-degreee videos, these are recordings where a view of all the directions are recorded using a collection of cameras or an omnidirectional camera. For the viewer, they will feel they are a part of the video as they are completely surrounded by it. They have the potential of giving the users an idea of how it will be after they start using the product. You will be able to show the viewer how exactly their product will affect you. Potential customers can simulate your product, they could see which colours would fit best and change the shape of the product according to their convenience. 


While explainer videos are an amalgamation of a myriad of elements, there is no denying the fact that customers are living in an information overload era. In the near future, you can expect explainer videos to be minimalistic in nature. A lot of video elements are necessary, but some of them can be dealt away with. Working with an experienced explainer video production company would give you the necessary understanding of how minimal your explainer video can afford to be. Most of the animated video companies haven’t really thought about this aspect, you might need to specifically ask for a minimalistic explainer video to get one. 

Easily searchable videos:

Videos have slowly started showing up in the search results and there will come a time when there will be only video related search queries. This will make videos more important for your SEO-related results. Search-engine giant Google announced that it will be using AI to identify snippets of video-related queries which will autoplay on search results pages. Brands will invest more in videos. 

Explainer videos will be SEO-focused as well and its effectiveness lies in the animated explainer video production company that you hire.


This approach uses different kinds of elements in the video, like footage, imagery, photographs, and so on. When you combine all of this with motion graphics, you can beautifully explain a story. The explainer video will have a lot of personality and also be lively and fun at the same time. Mixed-media has the power to capture the attention of the viewers thanks to its intricate set of elements. 

2D/3D Elements:

You can create a seamless and highly attention-grabbing explainer video when you use 2D frames and 3D objects. It will look futuristic and puts your point across in a nice way. 2D and 3D animation graphics work give you a lot of flexibility and visual freedom. There can be no limits on what can be put on the screen for the audience to see. Explainer video production companies that have 3D artists will be able to make this into a reality. 3D explainer videos are much more impactful as it is a reflection of the kind of standards that your business holds. 


None of the above predictions will have anything to do with template videos, please do not get a cookie-cutter video for your business. Harms your reputation big time. When you are in the market to be one of the best, you need to invest in getting the right explainer video for your business. The animated explainer video industry will be seeing a lot of changes and it might be confusing at best. It is your prerogative to identify which are the trends that will apply to your business and work accordingly. 

If there is one thing that can be given in the future of the animated explainer video industry, it is the fact that there will be huge competition. Businesses will be jostling with each other to work with the best vendor out there. If you are looking to work with a highly experienced explainer video company, Motionvillee would be able to trump your expectations. 

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