How much does an explainer video cost?

Explainer videos. What are they? Like the name suggests, they ‘explain’ a concept, product or service. They can be used on your website, for training, presentations, or any sales and marketing purposes. One of the best benefits of an explainer video is that they are able to convey a lot of information in a very short amount of time. And they do it in a way that is easy to understand, engaging and entertaining.

Explainer videos have become an essential tool to convert customers for any brand or business. But how much do they cost? That’s determined by a few factors, such as: 


Explainer videos usually start from 30-seconds and can go up to two minutes. In the case of training videos, they may be even longer since there’s usually a  large chunk of important information that needs to be conveyed. The sweet-spot for most explainer videos is 90-seconds. That allows for enough time to build a narrative while also keeping the message short and simple. An animated explainer video production company will generally charge by the second. So the greater the amount of information to be shared, the longer the video. And the longer the video, the higher the cost. 

However, this may vary from project to project, your animated video company may opt to charge a fixed sum for a number of videos or for each video, irrespective of the length. Still, the length is always an important factor when determining the cost of an explainer video. 


We live in a gig economy. You could hypothetically get an explainer video for as low as $150 from someone on a bidding site. The catch? The quality will be really low. We’re talking static frames, template text boxes, power-point like slide animations, computer-generated voiceovers, and characters that look like they were made in MS Paint. (No offence to MS Powerpoint or Paint). With a low-quality video, you really can’t expect to make a good impression. Since videos have pervaded every nook of marketing today,  when you cut corners on your explainer video it’s frightfully evident to your audience. A high-quality video from a reputed animated explainer video company will not come cheap, and can start from $2000, but the ROI is incredible. And it’s something you will be proud to show off as well. With custom illustrations, thoughtful animations, professional voice-overs, and a smooth flow, they will delight, amuse and inform your audience. You get what you pay for in the explainer video world. 


There are different types of explainer videos including whiteboard, 2D-character animation, live-action, motion graphics, kinetic typography, 3D-animation, cell animation, and screencast. The most common of these are whiteboard, where a hand draws images and text on a white background. It’s the most basic type of animated explainer video; 2D-character animations and motion graphics (shapes animated on-screen); and screencast (usually a walkthrough of an app or SaaS product on a phone or laptop screen).  An animated explainer video company may specialize in a particular type of animation too, so that could factor into the price. Usually though, a fully-fledged animated explainer video company like Motionvillee will offer different types of animation and will suggest which would be the most suitable for your explainer video. Since each type requires different amounts of effort and time, the costs differ as well. 

Now you know what to take into consideration when setting a budget for an explainer video for your brand or business. We’re not going to lie, an explainer video can cost you, but not having one will cost you even more in the long run.

Want to know exactly how much your explainer video will cost? Contact us for a quick consult and a quote or leave a comment below and we’ll get in touch with you. 

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