How poor quality animation video can affect your business?

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We understand that business owners wouldn’t necessarily know what goes behind the creation of a good animation video. This is why many businesses dismiss explainer videos as a step that only large corporations usually do. Boy, could you be more wrong!

It is entirely possible to create high impact videos with the services of an explainer video production company. Animated videos can be produced faster than a live-action video as the environment is under your control unless like the latter which depends on the actors and is at the mercy of external influences like the weather.

Here is how poor quality animation video can affect your business:

62% of consumers who watch a poor quality video are going to have a bad opinion of the business, says Brightcove. If you are creating a video for your business, your hope should be that it is well received by everyone. The potential ROI of an explainer video has been done to death with statistics and hard-hitting research. The same goes for poor quality videos, it will turn off people.

#1 Your audience won’t engage:

Let’s say you engage in template videos that are made with already built characters instead of personalizing it to your audience, they will feel betrayed and will realize that they are viewing something that is subpar. When you don’t tailor the content to your audience, you are throwing half-baked goods at them which will not inspire them to take action in engaging with you.

#2 Reduces on-page rate:

Did you just say “Wait. What?” on reading the heading? Let us explain, if you welcome your prospective customers with low-quality videos, you can expect them to leave the website immediately which will damage your time-on-page rate. This will have serious consequences on your SEO as it will impact your ranking. It pays to work with an animated explainer video company.

#3 Zero results from marketing:

When you create a cheap video that was performed by people which you would not see when working with an animated explainer video production company, be assured that you will not reap any benefits. Why would your customers want to partner with a business that does not put efforts into making its own promotional video? You will not only lose your brand image, but your poor quality video will also scare off potential customers.

#4 Messes up your story:

Having a fantastic explainer video can work out for you big time since it gives you an opportunity to tell your story. People love stories, are always fascinated by it and you have the chance right in front of you. You can make a great impression with your clients and your targeted audience. With a poor quality video, you mess it up for your business. Big time. Powerful stories can be earth-shattering and working with an animated explainer video production company is the first step towards it. Do not lose out on millions trying to save pennies.

#5 Your business= cheap:

A poor quality video will dissuade your potential customers from ever working with you. There is a famous saying that goes like this-” How you do anything is how you do everything.” Your prospects will feel that the effort you have put in your company’s explainer video will be similar to the effort that you will put for them. Getting yourself an explainer video for cheap does look tempting, but is it worth it when you want to build a world-class business? If you do so, your clients will associate cheapness with your business.

#6 Doesn’t inspire your customers:

The dream of every entrepreneur is the conversion of leads into customers. You want your prospects to take at least one action, it could be subscribing to your newsletter, sharing the video, like the post- could be anything. You can expect a great response if you build an attractive video. But if your work is shoddy, it will be uninspiring for the viewers. Poor-quality videos do not inspire your visitors to do business with you. If anything, it puts them off, even if they had decided to partner with you.

#7 Results in poor branding:

One of the most important objectives of creating explainer videos is to build your business brand. If your video is of poor quality, expect the opposite to happen. You would think you were better off without an explainer video if you make a low-quality one, especially after hearing the comments. A poorly made video can have irreparable consequences for your brand. In fact, using a good quality video is only the beginning of this activity. But if this doesn’t meet the standards, then no matter how hard you try in the other areas, it will surely fail.


76.5% of marketers and SMB owners have said that video marketing has had a great impact on their business. Working with an animated explainer video production company that has partnered with a number of clients and produced brilliant work should be your best bet if you are serious about your business. No one likes mediocrity, do not create a mediocre product to save a few dollars.

Give yourself the best to get the finest deals from clients. If you are looking to get an explainer video, then get in touch with Motionvillee, an animated explainer video company and let’s see if we can produce the best results to wow your customers. All our works pass through a series of checks before you have the final output in front of you to ensure that you get the best output possible.

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