How to boost conversions with animated explainer videos?

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What is an explainer video?

It is a short animated video that businesses use to tell their brand story in a way that catches the attention of their consumers (read target market). 83% of marketers opine that videos give them a great ROI and say that despite the heavy competition surrounding it, they will still use it in 2019 and beyond.

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your users, making them watch the video until the end should be your goal. For that, the video has to be engaging, should arouse the curiosity of the visitor and tell an intriguing story. A professional animation video company would be able to help you with creating an ad that converts visitors into leads.

Here are 7 ways in which you can boost conversions:

#1 Create a high-quality video:

If you pay peanuts, you will only get monkeys. If you hire a below-par video maker, the output will be shoddy and you know that too. Good explainer videos are always of high quality, there is no compromise on that. No one gets inspired by a video that lacks the basic elements and setup. While there is no ‘secret sauce’ to make a video stand out, not having a good quality video is the first step towards staring at failure.

#2 Storytelling:

Who doesn’t love listening to stories? From bedtime stories to movies, we have all consumed some form of stories and most of them have lived with us over the years. While a creative brief and script is important, nothing has the power that stories wield. Stories transfer us into a different realm, keeps us fascinated and takes us on an unfamiliar ride that keeps us excited. What better way to tell a story than to use videos?

Use the storytelling concept to convey to your potential customers how you plan to solve their problem. You need to be extremely sure of your target customer, their motivations, behaviours and triggers to make an animated explainer video that will resonate with them.

#3 KISS:

The prude in you was offended at that word, eh? Well, don’t worry. KISS is an abbreviation for Keep It Short and Simple. The essence of an animated explainer video lies in being able to keep it interesting and short at the same time. When asked about the length of videos, 68% of them told they would prefer short videos. If your company is into doing something complex a layman wouldn’t understand, it makes much more sense to trim it down to as little as possible.

Also, understand that you don’t have to provide all the information in the video itself. Only give the main message of your business and leave the rest to the viewer to find out by searching or gamify the process by making them share their email ID on the video itself. When you do this, you will be able to take your visitors deeper into the funnel.

#4 Appeal to their emotions:

Emotional marketing is a term that has gained high acceptance. No, it is not some form of manipulation. Research from Psychology Today says that people respond to the emotional portion of the ads more than the text. For example, Gillette’s “Perfect isn’t Pretty”, Coca Cola’s “Choose Happiness”, “Children of the World” campaign uses different kinds of emotions to stir its target audience into taking action.

If you observe carefully, ads like these tend to go viral because people love sharing them as it appeals to their senses deeply. No matter what type of emotions you want to target on, animation is one of the best methods to deliver this to your customers. If you are looking for an animated explainer video company, get on a call with the folks at Motionvillee who have ample experience in using emotions in their ads.

#5 Strong Call-to-Action:

You want your target audience to take action after watching your video. Getting them to open their purse strings in the first interaction itself is a dream, but you want them to take at least one action that will bring them closer to a sale. It could be them searching for your website, signing up for your newsletter, joining your Facebook group, liking your business page or at the least, sharing your video.

Insert a CTA at the end of the video, it could be a request to watch a demo, your website URL, option to download a whitepaper, as long as they get to make a decision. Do not shy away from employing a CTA. If you have a great product that will benefit your users, be shameless and tell the world that you are there to offer help.


An animated marketing video doesn’t just make for great visuals, it could be a great way to bring the world’s attention to your offerings. How many of you remember the ridiculously viral ad titled ‘Our blades are f***ing Great’ by The Dollar Shave Club? While it was not an animated video, it had great storytelling at its core, which is why people lapped it up. We all know how they finished too. With a billion-dollar acquisition, from none other than the ecommerce giant Amazon. All because of a simple video. The same could happen to you if you use the services of a qualified animated explainer video production company.

If you want to create an animated explainer video for your website, here is another statistic that might convince you. Hubspot, in a report, says that 72% of customers would rather learn about a product through videos. If you are all “Ahoy, that’s great, let me do it”, please do get in touch with us here.

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