How to build your brand with animated explainer videos?

Brand with Animated Explainer Videos

What makes videos so powerful? It can cut through clutter like no other medium. Makes you stop everything else that you are doing. Why? Because it is engaging when rightly done. If you are in the marketing department of a corporation or if you own a startup, getting an explainer video done for your brand is something that would have crossed your mind. Personal financial management company Mint’s explainer video is a brilliant example of an animated explainer video that has everything right about it. It uses animation, screenshots of the actual product thereby giving a peek for the users on how the product’s design looks and an idea of the benefits it provides. Spotify’s explainer video is also something that brands can look up to. 

Worried about not knowing how you can build a brand identity around your product? 

Fret not, MotionVillee is here to help you.

Note: While we would love to educate you on using explainer videos as a branding tool, here is something that we would like to insist on. Hire the services of an experienced explainer animated video production company to make your explainer videos. If it weren’t a popular saying already, we at Motionvillee would have surely used “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” as our tagline, as we keep saying that. Let the experts do it for you. 

Target your buyer persona:

The first step that you need to do while building your brand is to create a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer based on data about your customers, both present, past and that of your competitor’s. You can have more than one buyer personas, but ensure that you don’t create more than 5 of them. The data that you need to get includes your customer demographics, motivations, behaviours, goals, patterns, lifestyle, values, needs, etc. 

Knowing your target audience helps you in making your marketing communication much more impactful. Your explainer video can be created with more elements added to it so that it directly relates with your buyer persona. Working with an experienced explainer video production company helps you refine your customer persona to create a video directed at them. 

Also, having a clear buyer persona will help you model your animated characters closely resembling the customer. This way, they will be able to trust your brand more as it will be more relatable to them. 

Use your brand’s colour and style:

Your brand’s logo, the accompanying colours and the typography are materials that should be used consistently across the length of your explainer video. It helps with branding. With explainer videos, you have a much bigger opportunity to let these elements seep into the minds of your target audience. An experienced explainer video production company would be able to incorporate your brand identity elements and create a stellar video. 

Your brand colours speak directly to your audience and it creates the perception for your customers as to what type of brand you are. They will be able to recall your company with these colours. The colour red stands for passion. Some of the most iconic brands use red, it includes McDonald’s, Lego, Coca-Cola, Honda, etc. Green is for companies that want to conserve energy and reduce pollution. Orange is for fun and adventure. Harley Davidson, Fanta, Nickelodeon, etc, are some of the brands that use orange. 

Keep in mind that your brand colour should be prominently used in your explainer video. Brands can also use a combination of colours, instead of using a single colour. Choosing a single colour is easy, but if you want multicolours for your brand, ensure that you hire the right experts to get the job done. 

Choose the type of explainer video you want:

The famous adage “To each, his own” does work when selecting an explainer video as well. While it would make sense to ask the explainer video production company on the kind of animated video that you need to choose, it would be great if you could have a choice of your own after deliberations with your stakeholders. Do you want character animation? Motion graphics works? Do whiteboard videos suit your kind of product? These are questions for which you need to know the answer. 

No matter what type of animated video you choose, do remember that your explainer video reflects your brand identity. Do not take up a style that is not synonymous with who you are as a brand. 

Distribution Distribution Distribution:

In Real Estate, it is all about ‘location location location’, but in Social Media, it is all about ‘Distribution Distribution Distribution.’ If your explainer video doesn’t reach your target customers, what is the use of investing in one? Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Vimeo are some of the most popular places to distribute your explainer video. 

While distribution is beyond the scope of the animated explainer video production company that you hire, they will be able to give you pointers on how to go about it since they would have worked with many brands earlier. 

When you distribute the explainer video on different platforms, ensure that you respond to every query of the customers. The messages that you send to the customers should be consistent across all platforms. 


You can use these tips to build your company’s brand identity. Animated videos can be extremely useful to build your brand. No matter what type of business you are in, there is a video for everyone. Find out what works for you and you are on your way to build a top-class explainer video with the support of an animated explainer video production company. 

Creating an animated explainer video can help you position yourself as a trustworthy, reliable and consistent brand. Your customers are looking for businesses that they can trust. A video can make that difference. Really. 

Use the above tips coupled with the help of an explainer video company to create a kick-ass video. It could open up new avenues for your business that you would have never thought was possible. If you are looking to build your brand with an explainer video, here is where your search ends. Get in touch with MotionVillee, we are an animated explainer video company with a diverse experience of working in different niches. 

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