How to Make a 30-Second Explainer Video: A Step-by-Step Guide

Businesses often struggle to get noticed online, especially with so many ads competing for customer’s focus. To quickly stand out in front of potential customers, you need clear, fast and effective communication. A great way to do this is through a short and impactful 30-second explainer video. These videos are powerful tools for showcasing your product, service, or brand in a concise and compelling manner.

However, creating a 30-second explainer video requires strategic planning and creativity. Let’s simplify the process into steps to help you craft explainer videos that connect with your audience and deliver your message effectively.


Step 1: Clearly Define Your Message

The first step in creating a 30-second explainer video is to identify your core message. Are you introducing a new product? Educating your audience about a service? Generating leads or driving conversions?

You can avoid overwhelming viewers with too many messages; instead, stick to one or two key points or benefits that highlight your USP, product, or service…

Missing this step can lead to ineffective messaging that fails to resonate with your audience.


Step 2: Understand Your Audience

Once you have a clear direction, it’s important to identify your audience or buyers. Tailoring your message to directly address their needs helps you connect with your audience effectively. This increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

To do this, you need to create a client avatar that represents your ideal buyers. Consider the audience’s demographics, interests, pain points, psychology, and preferences of your ideal buyer. A detailed client avatar helps you target and communicate with potential customers effectively.

You can use audience research tools like surveys, social media analytics, and customer feedback to gather insights and better understand your audience’s preferences.


Step 3: Choose the Right Visual Style

Choosing the right visual style is important to connect with your audience effectively.

Determine the best visual approach- whether animated graphics, live-action footage, or motion design that aligns with your brand identity and audience preferences.

The best visual styles will evoke the desired emotions and complement your brand personality. If not chosen thoughtfully, mismatched visuals can confuse your audience and dilute your message’s impact.


Step 4: Develop a Short yet Impactful Script

The next step is condensing your message into a concise script without losing its impact. Writing a captivating script for a short video requires careful consideration of every word.

It’s ideal to aim for around 75-80 words that focus on the core message. It’s recommended to use simple and engaging language that connects with your audience emotionally.

This approach helps maintain viewer interest and ensures that your message is effectively communicated within a limited timeframe. If you have a limited time frame, hiring professional agencies or freelancers can be the perfect solution.

You can check out how simply this video is explaining such a complex HRMS platform Keka.

Link –


Step 5: Translate your Script to a Visual Storyboard

With a well-crafted script in hand, the challenge shifts to translating it into engaging visuals that enhance the narrative.

Thus, creating a visual storyboard is important for planning your video’s flow. It is a sequence of rough sketches or images that represent each scene in your video.

You can use simple sketches or digital tools to outline transitions and key visuals, which keeps viewers engaged. When storyboarding, use visual metaphors or symbolic imagery to convey complex ideas creatively.

This step bridges the gap between script and final production, ensuring that your message is conveyed visually in a compelling manner.

Here’s an example of how visual metaphors are used in a video of Kasada, a Cyber Security Bot Mitigation Service.


Step 6: Create Visuals

To proceed further, gather or create the visuals you need to bring your storyboard to life. This may include illustrations, graphics, animations, or footage.

It’s recommended to aim for high-quality visuals that are appealing and reinforce your message.

Moreover, simplicity often works best in a 30-second explainer video, so avoid cluttering the screen with unnecessary details.


Step 7: Add Video Narration or Text

After creating visuals, concise narration or on-screen text guides viewers through your message and emphasizes key points.

You can decide whether to use voiceover narration, on-screen text, or a combination of both to deliver your message. Hiring a copywriter and a professional voiceover artist saves a lot of time and effort.

Keeping the narration or text brief creates an impactful video. It’s recommended to ensure that the tone and pace of the narration align with the mood of your video.


Step 8: Enhance with Sound

Choosing background music or sound effects enhances the mood and tone of your video. The right audio elements can add depth and emotion to your message, making it more memorable.

For sourcing background music and sound effects for your explainer videos, consider reputable platforms like Artlist, Epidemic Sound, AudioJungle, PremiumBeat, Soundstripe, and Pond5. These platforms offer libraries of royalty-free music and sound effects suitable for various video projects.

However, be mindful not to overpower the narration or distract from the main message.


Step 9: Edit and Finalize the Video

Editing your video is crucial to refine the visual and auditory elements, ensuring a polished presentation.

Put all the elements together using video editing software. Trim unnecessary footage, adjust the timing of visuals and audio, and add any necessary effects or transitions to enhance the overall presentation.

Pay attention to pacing to maintain viewer engagement throughout the video.


Step 10: Review and Revise

Once you’ve completed the initial edit, review the video multiple times to ensure coherence, clarity, and effectiveness.

Seeking feedback from your peers to identify any areas for improvement can be a good move. Make the necessary revisions to refine your video until it effectively conveys your message.


Step 11: Optimize Your Video for Social Media

As each marketing platform has unique requirements and user behaviors, optimizing your video for various social media platforms is important.

To address this, customize your video for each platform. Consider autoplay settings, subtitles, and thumbnail appeal for better engagement and reach.

Adapting your video to suit different platforms increases its visibility and effectiveness, reaching a wider audience.


Step 12: Export and Share

Finally, export your video in a suitable format for sharing online. Upload it to your desired platforms, such as social media, your website, or email newsletters, and promote it to your target audience.

You can monitor performance metrics to gauge the video’s effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.



Problems While Making an Explainer Video and How to Address Them

Crafting an impactful explainer video comes with common challenges that creators often face. Let’s explore these problems and discover effective strategies to address them.

Video Cost Concerns

Problem: Producing an explainer video can be costly, especially for those with limited budgets. This can lead to poor quality and effectiveness.

Solution: Find Cost-effective Options for Video Creation
To address cost concerns, consider using DIY tools, hiring freelancers, or working with video production companies that offer services at different price points. Exploring these options allows you to create a compelling video without overspending. Various video production agencies like Motionvillee can do it professionally, effortlessly, and cost-effectively.


Time Constraints

Problem: Creating an explainer video within a tight timeframe can be difficult and may impact the final quality of the video.

Solution: Streamlining the Video Production Process
To manage time constraints effectively, focus on simplifying the scriptwriting and storyboarding phases. Additionally, consider using services offered by production companies to ensure timely delivery without compromising quality.


Scriptwriting Complexity

Problem: Writing a concise and engaging script can be challenging, especially for beginners in video content creation.

Solution: Utilizing Online Resources
Use online scriptwriting templates and tutorials to simplify the process. Focus on clear communication of the core message to engage your audience effectively.

By addressing these challenges with practical solutions, you can enhance the quality and impact of your explainer video while staying within budget and timeline constraints.



Expert Suggestions for Creating Exceptional Videos

An impactful 30-second explainer video requires thoughtful consideration, psychological insights, and creative finesse. Here are additional strategies to use in your video creation process:

Capture Attention Immediately: The first few seconds of your video are crucial for grabbing viewers’ attention. Use a compelling hook, such as a provocative question, surprising statement, or captivating visual, to build curiosity and encourage viewers to continue watching. By engaging viewers right from the start, you increase the likelihood of delivering your message effectively.

Focus on Visual Storytelling: Visuals play an important role in conveying your message within a short timeframe. Choose a visual style that aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your audience. Use animations, graphics, or live-action footage strategically to enhance storytelling and maintain viewer interest. Visuals can evoke emotions and clarify complex concepts more effectively than words alone.

Optimize for Mobile Viewing: With the majority of video content consumed on mobile devices, it’s essential to optimize your 30-second explainer video for mobile viewing. Ensure that the visuals are clear and easily comprehensible on smaller screens. Incorporate subtitles or captions for viewers who watch videos without sound. By catering to mobile users, you expand your video’s reach and engagement potential.

Utilize Data and Analytics: Leverage data and analytics to refine your video creation process. Analyze viewer behavior, including watch time, engagement rates, and click-through rates, to gain insights into what resonates with your audience. Use this information to refine your content strategy, adjust visuals, or fine-tune messaging for future videos. By incorporating data-driven decisions, you can optimize engagement and maximize the impact of your 30-second explainer videos.

Make the Most of Visuals: Visuals are a potent tool for communication, so make the most of them in your explainer video. Use eye-catching graphics, animations, or footage to illustrate your message and convey complex ideas in a simple and digestible format. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, especially in a 30-second video.

Create Emotional Appeal: Emotions have a powerful influence on decision-making, so try to evoke an emotional response from your audience in your explainer video. Whether it’s humor, excitement, empathy, or inspiration, tapping into emotions can forge a deeper connection with viewers and compel them to take action.

Include a Clear Call to Action (CTA): Don’t leave viewers guessing about what to do next after watching your video. End with a clear and compelling call to action that prompts them to take the desired step- whether it’s visiting your website, signing up for a free trial, or making a purchase. Make the CTA prominent and easy to follow.



To Summarise…

Mastering the art of making impactful 30-second explainer videos requires understanding your audience, setting clear objectives, and using engaging storytelling techniques. By following this guide and incorporating expert tips, you’ll create videos that drive engagement, boost brand awareness, and contribute to business success.]

For more inspiration, you can check out some explainer videos created by Motionvillee here.

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