How to Use an Animated Explainer Video to Boost Conversions.

Haste and content overflow have taken over the world which is why the need for an explainer video is growing. With this tool, you can explain your brand in seconds in an entertaining way. Also, with a compelling marketing video on your website, the average visit time increases by 2 minutes from the previous 8 seconds quotient. Fascinating, right?

Not only the time spent by the visitor increases, with a clear and concise explainer video your conversion rates will also shoot up as well.

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are short videos made to deliver the brand story to the visitors. They can be any form, claymation, digital drawings, or hand-drawn. These videos provide a way to the brands to effectively convey their value proposition. Read more about animated explainer videos here.

Why Explainer Videos are recommended?

Apart from engaging visitors and increasing conversion rates, explainer videos are effective for the following reasons:

Visual and verbal learning

Research shows that more and more people are turning into visual learners from a bimodal or verbal mode. Given the data, you can cater to the audience in exactly the way expected via a compelling explainer video. Explainer video offers visual as well as verbal cues for learning which attracts the visitor group. These videos help people to retain over 50% more information with verbal and visual learning cues.

Clarity delivered

Explainer videos help you to effectively convey your business value proposition in the form of modulated speech and text combined with alluring graphics. Motion graphics are the best way to communicate clearly with your target audience and is well received as well. All you need is to jog your creativity to manifest a video that leaves an imprint on the minds of your visitors.

A simplified version of your offerings

Rather than a long list of confusing business offerings, an explainer video is rather self-explanatory. It is an integral part of an explainer video that all the business offerings should be compressed and communicated within 60-120 seconds and in less than 300 words. The limit on the number of words mandates the video scriptwriter to stick to the relevant. With the exercise, the benefits of the product are clearly and quickly delivered.

Greater shareability

Well, if you think that explainer video has to be on point, you are right, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny. When an explainer video is jazzed with a hint of humor the sharability of the video escalates exponentially. The world we live tend to share the joy so why not seize the opportunity and become the joy to be spread.

Brand building

The colors of your brand can leave an impact on the minds of the people and they help them recollect your brand long after watching it. The explainer video will help you in unleashing a greater sales opportunity by simply using the colors of your brand.

You might be thinking, ‘how this fact impact the brand building?’

Well, your color combination and logo are safe in the minds of the audience as they watch the explainer video. Now, next time they will think of you in the necessity because our brain tends to pick on the products which are familiar. Their reluctance to try new things will work out in your favor and you will observe a subtle rise in your sales with this little trick.

Animated ambassador

Your target audience can resonate with your product and services if they identify themselves with your brand ambassadors. While people are not easily influenced by commoners and celebrities are high tides to afford, we have a suited alternative option for you.

An animated ambassador is an animated character which is designed to match target audience age, life issues, job, and lifestyle. It is observed that visitors identify themselves greatly with one of their kind. With compelling animated characters, you can land up with a rather convincing explainer video that increases your sales and conversions.

Over to you…

Great explainer videos are the ones that convey your business value proposition and attracts visibility. If you are looking to increase your conversion rates, an explainer video is all you need.

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