Importance of thumbnail in explainer video marketing

Videos are a genius way to spread the word about your startup. They are powerful for your business, whether it is lead generation that you want or brand building. Every statistic out there says that videos are more effective than ebooks, blog posts, etc. People love watching videos because there is little effort required when consuming it. Studies say that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from businesses. Motionvillee is one of the most capable animated explainer video production companies that can help you with creating kick-ass videos for your marketing. 

If you thought keyword optimization is the number one priority to get your video’s reach as desired, then choosing or designing the thumbnail easily takes the 2nd spot. Whenever people see a video, they have the option to click on it or not. 

First of all, the content should be relevant to them. Then they look at the title, does it pique their interest? Once they calculate their interest within a span of a few microseconds, the next thing they notice is the thumbnail used. 

Is it interesting to look at?

Does the thumbnail show something that the user would love to see more of in the video?

Is it click-worthy?

Video thumbnails have a huge bearing on the result of your video strategy. If you have never given much thought to it, then now is the time. Are you looking for the help of an explainer video production company that can help you with creating one, then Motionvillee is the business to hit up.

When it comes to videos, even the smallest of things matter. The lighting you use, the human faces in the video, background score, props used, etc, are important contributors to the success of the video. 

Your potential visitors using the thumbnail to decide whether to click on the video or not is a clear case of judging a book by its cover. While the popular adage asks you not to, people act differently. The business needs to be smart enough to cater to the idiosyncrasies of its audience. 

Now that we have established why thumbnails are a big thing in the world of videos, let us see the benefits of it:

#1 Increases conversion rate:

Thumbnails have a huge role in increasing the conversion rate of your video. It forces people to click on the link and watch the video. Even if the content were relevant to a particular user, the chances of them clicking on it are not high because there are a lot of choices available for the average user and they would always try going in search of finding something better. Most users click on the video after taking a look at the thumbnail; making the user stay on the video is decided by the way the video is taken. 

#2 It paints a picture of the video:

A user who is not really sure about the type of content available on the video would be satisfied by a thumbnail if it paints a picture of what is in the video. You can say a lot with just the video’s thumbnail. In fact, with thumbnails, you can show different media content which acts as a preview for the audience to understand what’s in the video. 

#3 It helps the visitor make a decision quickly:

While the visitor is the one who is in control, an extremely good design and imaginative thumbnail can turn the tide in your favour. Your work is to grab the attention of the user in that one second in such a way that they are compelled to click on the video. If you are looking to get explainer videos for your brand building, then look no further than Motionvillee. 

#4 Makes them curious:

If the visitor finds that the picture used in the thumbnail as something that they would like to know more about, they are more than likely to click on it. The average user will wait patiently during the duration of the video to see that one picture and its accompanying story that piqued his/her interest. 

Let’s say the video’s title reads-” Top 10 leaders of the world” and the visitor sees that the thumbnail has a picture of the person’s favourite leader, they are more than likely to click on it and watch the entire video.

#5 User-friendly:

If you think of thumbnails from the point of view of the visitor, it saves them a lot of time by not having to sit through a video that might not be of interest to them. The gist of the video is transparent for the user because of which they can make a decision whether to watch it or not. This way, both the creator of the video and the visitor are benefited. Looking to create videos? Get the help of Motionvillee, an animated video company. 

#6 It shows your video making ability:

With your thumbnail, you can show your audience your skill set when it comes to making videos. It will also show them your taste and the various methods with which you can tell a story with very little. It is as easy to stand out as it is to turn off visitors, so better do something that makes your prospective audience sit up and take notice. Design your thumbnail in a way that you have got their curiosity running. 

#7 Important for search results:

When someone who is searching for a video chances upon a bunch of results, the first thing that they are going to look at is the thumbnail. Simple. There are no two questions about that. A well-created thumbnail can easily make you get more views and clicks by virtue of its design and illustration. 


A good thumbnail not only captures the attention of your audience but also gives a sneak peek of what the content in the video could be. There are a lot of small things that you can do to make a killer thumbnail for your explainer video. The point is how effectively are you using them. Wouldn’t you need the assistance of experts who are good at this? As one of the most respected animated explainer video company, Motionvillee would be able to come up with quirky but effective solutions for your video marketing. 

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