Increase your conversion ratio with explainer videos

Benefits of Explainer Videos

“Best way to sell something- don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect & trust of those who might buy”

These words are gold. Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, said this. There couldn’t be a more valuable advice when it comes to business. Your customers are tired of being sold to. They don’t want to know the features of your product, instead, tell them how using your product benefits them. 

Have you ever noticed that the most successful businesses do not keep selling always. Their intention is to educate the user, show them a demo of the product and make them understand how it will benefit them- this is a simple example of how most successful companies do business. Do you know that there are different kinds of content that are created for potential customers during different stages of the customer journey? 

Make your potential customer aware about your product with explainer videos and use high-value content to earn their trust. You can hit the right chords with explainer videos that will reflect positively on your brand by taking the services of a professional animated explainer video company. 

Here is how your conversion ratio can increase with explainer videos:

#1 It decreases bounce rate:

The attention span of Internet users are ridiculously low. Even if they were looking for a solution similar to yours, they would still not spend a lot of time in their research. But explainer videos can create a dent in their viewing habits. The ideal length for an explainer video is 90 seconds. During this time duration, you can create a huge impact on your visitors. Videos hold the attention of users more than any other form of text. Since it takes only a few seconds, customers are ready to sit through the explainer video. As a brand, you can use this time to create the most impact. 

#2 Videos are share-worthy:

If there is one type of content that easily goes viral, those are videos. People love watching videos as there is little effort involved in it. If someone likes your video, they would be more than glad to share it with their friends and family. In fact, the intention might not be to spread the word about your business, but they share just because they loved your explainer video. The more it gets shared, it will inadvertently reach your target audience as well. The right animated explainer video company would know the kind of elements that would make a video shareworthy. 

#3 Search engines love video:

The work of a search engine is to show relevant content to a user based on their search request. If your explainer video has garnered a lot of attention in the form of shares and likes, the search engines will pick up your video and will show it in the search results as well. This is why it is important to get the help of an animated explainer video production company to get your branding right. 

#4 Clear messaging:

Creating explainer videos is an extremely smart way to reach a lot of people with minimal effort. Well, there is a lot of effort that goes into creating the right explainer video for your brand. But have you ever noticed that explainer videos make it possible to send out a clear and simple message to your audience without giving them too much information that could confuse them. The right explainer video production company would be able to create the perfect video by combining elements like pictures, videos, text, speech, etc. 

#5 Easy to explain your offering:

There is no denying the fact that there is an information overkill. Your potential customers are not only confused which product to choose, but they are also upset with the fact that there are too many options and a lot of information that stymies their decision making ability.

 With the help of an explainer video, you can make your potential customers understand the benefits that your product offers without having to come around as salesy. Create a series of content that includes blogs, webinars, videos, etc, surrounding your product. Working with the best explainer video production company would make this job easy for you as they would try to make the content in the video as succint and refined as possible.

#6 Tailored to your brand needs:

The conversion rates for your explainer video is usually higher and the quality of the leads will be more than any other type of content. Why? Because the content is tuned towards attracting your target audience. When you attract the attention of potential customers, it is easy to close the sale as they are waiting for an offering like yours. 

A highly experienced animated explainer video production company can help you create a video that hits the right emotions for your potential customers. Not all videos have to be the same and the right explainer video company knows this. 

Leverage your explainer video with these tips:

While we are sure that you understand the kind of effect that explainer videos will have for your business, your job doesn’t end by hiring an animated explainer video company. 

  • Create a script and storyboard that is relevant to your audience
  • Use a good thumbnail that will catch the user’s attention and make them click on it
  • Use your brand colors on the explainer video. Everywhere
  • The video should contain information on how using your product will be beneficial for the end customer
  • Do not sound salesy. But try to be helpful to your customers. 
  • A Call-to-Action button at the end is important to collect user information or get them to take a desired action
  • Create content for each stage of the customer journey


If there is hardly any branded video content for your company, now is the time to start. We have explained how using a professional animated explainer video company can create a turnaround for your business. It can increase your ROI and conversion rates by a huge margin especially because people trust and love videos. 

When you are looking to get your brand on the market, we can help with strategizing and creating a terrific explainer video for your brand. You can get in touch with the MotionVillee team here. 

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