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There are a lot of businesses which doesn’t want to get their hands dirty by working with an animated explainer video production company as there are a lot of myths regarding creating them. Let’s debunk some of them for you:

Myth #1 Too expensive:

Your explainer video doesn’t have to cross a single penny more than you intended it to. This is assuming that you have a budget that can cover the essentials. In fact, there are a lot of apps using which you can create a video yourself. The amount of revenue that you get directly from your explainer video might not be possible to gauge, but you can easily see the kind of interest it generates by seeing the number of visitors who watched it along with other trackable metrics.

As long as you focus on your content, the rest of the embellishments can be trimmed down by the animated explainer video company and add only what is necessary. Content is the force behind making the videos go viral. Concentrate on creating an exciting brief and it will surely go a long way in reducing your budget.

Myth #2 I already have a website:

An explainer video is usually placed on the landing page, a website visitor will watch it to understand what your business does instead of reading paragraphs of content. Its quite simple, animated video companies make sure that they bring out the value of the business by making a 3-5 minute presentation. Websites do give you traction, is extremely effective, but a video trumps by giving something shareable to your potential customers.

Which one do you think has a more shareable factor? Videos or your website URL? It’s simple, isn’t it?

Myth #3 It isn’t required for marketing:

You couldn’t be more wrong. If done well, your explainer video can be your biggest marketing tool. The video doesn’t even have to go viral for you to reap benefits from it. Getting the services of an animated explainer video company should be the first step that you take to ensure that your content is in alignment with your values and is useful for your marketing.

Explainer videos act as a good lead generation machine, gives information about your business, gives you a lot of credibility and you can influence the decision by creating a call-to-action button.

Myth #4 We can write the script better:

Imagine if the Sistine Chapel was painted by the priests inside the Church and Michelangelo wasn’t commissioned to do it because they thought they could do it themselves? Take a minute. Let that thought sink in.

Why would you want to do the same for your business when you can easily hire an animated explainer video production company? Concentrate on your business’ core areas and leave the rest to the experts. When you do, you can relax because you know they will do a good job of it.

Ensure that you give the explainer video production company that you hire receives all the information about your business, product, benefits, collaterals, customers, and so on. Fill up the questionnaire sent by the animated video company in detail.

Myth #5 Explainer video company should be physically present:

Sure, it is easy to understand why someone would want to work closely with vendors in physical proximity. Thankfully, this is not needed anymore and we aren’t in the ’70s. We have communication tools where we can see each other’s face in Ultra HD, can send detailed videos and whatnot. Also, working with someone in person has no guarantee that it will fetch you exceptional results. Do not worry about the location, but do ask them about the previous clients they have worked with, their projects, testimonials, reviews and so on.

Myth #6 Professional videos should be long:

If your intention is to communicate your value to potential customers, then make that happen in as little time as possible. Why? Because people’s attention span is low, you might want to explain your benefits in the shortest time possible. People don’t like watching long videos, especially if it is for a random business. They will close your video and do something else. Conversion is only possible when people watch the video till the end, otherwise, you haven’t succeeded at it. The Buzz Lab says that videos longer than 2-minutes suffer huge drop-offs.

Myth #7 Only viral videos deliver results:

A video goes viral only if your audience is wide. Let’s say you sell for a specific set of audience in the southern states like Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas and South Carolina, does it even matter that your explainer video does not go viral? No. Why? Because as long as your target audience watches your video, consider your job done.


The next time you decide to work with an animated explainer video company, toss the above thoughts to the bin. When you create an explainer video for your business, ensure that you concentrate on sending the perfect brief to the animated video company. It is important that you understand the value add that explainer videos bring in, once you do that, you will be ready to work with an animated explainer video production company. MotionVillee has the right expertise, wherewithal and resources to create an explainer video of any specifications. We know what the audience loves and isn’t that what makes a good vendor.

Here is a statistic that we leave you with so you know the kind of impact an explainer video can generate- The chances of your website appearing on the first page of Google’s result multiplies by 53 times if you add a video to it, says Insivia.

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