The importance of voice over professionals in making animated explainer video

Without voiceover, there is no human aspect in an animated explainer video. It can elevate the effectiveness of an explainer video by many notches. When your potential customer hears the voice of a human on the other side, it becomes easier for them to relate to your business. Professional voice artists would be on the rolls of established animated explainer video production company. 

Let’s say that you insist on doing the video without the services of an animated explainer video company, there might be tools to get most activities done. But if you work with an amateur who is not a voice-over artist, it can completely derail the effectiveness of your explainer video. 

MotionVillee would like to tell you about the importance of using professional voice over artists to make your explainer videos:

#1 Adds personality:

Without the services of a voiceover artist, your story will not inspire any emotion. Only a human being can inject personality into your explainer video. The animated explainer video company that you hire will have voiceover artists of different skill levels and voice modulations. You can pick and choose the artists based on your requirement and preference. A voiceover artist can make the video fun, engaging and thought-provoking without trying too hard. 

#2 Human touch:

No matter how sophisticated a tool you have to mimic the human voice, nothing would come anywhere close to having the same effect as listening to a human’s voice on the other end. The human voice sets the tone for the entire video. It can induce any kind of emotion into the video along with the sound effects. If you want your potential customers to feel hopeful when watching your explainer video, it can do that. Are you using fear to motivate your customers into buying your product (let’s say you are an insurance company)? Then the voice-over artist can use the right pitch, tone and tenor to get the audience into action. 

#3 Quality:

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to distinguish between an amateur and a professional voice over artist. Why? Because the differences in quality will be glaring. An amateur will not know the modulation that would be required for a particular industry or product. There won’t be any authority in the voice. Your potential customers will not like this at all and it will even force them to think if the minimal effort you put for your explainer video is how you do everything else. In short, it will not inspire confidence and will seriously dent the quality of the video as well.

#4 It is believable:

When you use a professional voiceover artist in your explainer video, your customers will be able to relate with your company as it is believable. A squeaky computer voice can be a huge turn off to even ones who like your brand and had decided to become a customer. It is better to have voiceover artists who sound like your target audience or are at least from the place where most of your prospects would come from. Working with a professional explainer video company can help you in this aspect as they would know who to choose.  

#5 It is persuasive:

We have mentioned in this article that the addition of a human voice on your explainer video adds relatability and creates trust. But it does something more as well, using a voiceover artist in the right way can persuade your customers to take action. You can use a ‘Call to Action’ button at the end of your explainer video to get your customers to act. When a human voice does that, it is much more persuasive and does have an effect on the customer. You can get highly experienced voice-over artists when you hire from an explainer video production company like MotionVillee. 

#6 Affects your brand:

The animated explainer video is a reflection of your brand and what it stands for. If you scrimp on your explainer video because you want to save some dough, the final product might end up looking really bad. It is important that you give your best. Hire an experienced animated explainer video company who have worked with a lot of clients, especially in your niche. It can help your case a lot. 

#7 Helps in narration:

It is impossible to narrate a story without the help of a voiceover artist. Of course, you can do it with the help of a computer-generated voice, but it will be highly improbable to get the results you desire with it. A human voice can be soothing, especially during a narration as the accent, expressions, emotions and voice enhances the acceptability of the video. 

When there is a narration in the video with a human voice, it becomes easy for the audience to understand what the various characters in the explainer video are trying to convey. You can get excellent results by hiring animated explainer video production companies. 

#8 Saves time:

An experienced voice over artist would not need a lot of direction on how they have to perform. They can nail the script in a few takes and the effort in the post-production phase will also be minimal since the overall quality would be adequate in the initial few takes itself. 


A study by Forbes says that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. This is a testament to the importance of having videos for your branding. It is pivotal that you invest in professional voice-over artists when you hire animated explainer video companies to work with. Do not try to lowball. Good quality videos come at a rate. The ROI you get from them is immense. 

At MotionVillee, you get highly professional animated explainer videos for your business. We have dealt with hundreds of clients from different niches and have been able to deliver excellent explainer videos to all of them. A good voiceover artist can entice your customers into signing up for your newsletter, attending your webinar, buying your product and even recommending your product to others. 

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