The Secret Weapon Helping B2B SaaS Companies to Stand Out


When you’re growing a B2B SaaS business it can be challenging to explain the REAL value of your service and why you’re different from well-known competitors. Especially when you need to keep to a small marketing budget.

As a Director you’ve probably seen some great videos from your competitors.

You’ve also undoubtedly at some stage been asked for a video by a prospect/potential client to take back to their team.


The question is, have you had a video to give them?

– If yes, was it engaging and effective?

– If no, what’s been stopping you from creating one?

Either way, if you don’t have a short, effective video explaining your product, how is anyone supposed to understand what you do and why you’re better than the rest?


Firstly, why should you listen to anything we have to say?

We’re NOT just another standard animation company online vying for your attention…


1. Check out our work:
We have lots of industry-specific case studies – the proof is in the pudding.



2. We’ve worked for world-leading companies:
Like AT&T, Nissan, Accenture, Infosys, ServiceNow, Honeywell, and the list goes on…


3. Review our case studies:
We have detailed case studies with our long-term western partners you can go over – we can even put you in touch with them if you’d like to hear it directly from them.


4. One of the most experienced in our field:
We’ve been doing this for over 12 years now and produced more than 4000 videos – we’re global with 3 office locations and clients in 18 countries (and counting).


5. We could keep going but that’s enough bragging (for now).
You get the point, we’re experienced and know what we’re doing.



Solving B2B problems with the power of video

Over the years we’ve worked with A LOT of B2B SaaS leaders. And in that time we’ve noticed that there are some common challenges that almost everyone faces.


Let’s talk about the 4 most common problems B2B leaders are successfully solving using videos – see if you relate to any of these:


Getting the “What we do” message out in a way that hits at scale.

Decision-makers don’t know WHAT you do.

Having a lot of contacts in your CRM or LinkedIn doesn’t translate into sales – unfortunately – especially if the audience is having a hard time understanding the core fundamentals of what your service does.

This can be especially stressful when you are in front of very “big” potential customers but are still unable to articulate the “what we do” message.

So as it stands, you don’t have enough control over your flow of qualified leads.

By the way, our work with Kasada is a really good example of how to handle this problem:




Explaining your complex software is a struggle.

Clients aren’t able to readily understand what your product actually DOES. This means you’re effectively relaying the message of how your software can help them.

Articulating this message in a simple and concise way is one of the biggest hurdles you’ve faced since you began your marketing journey.

Basically, you’ve got lots of tech that needs to be simplified and explained in a manner that your audience can readily understand.

As a result, it’s been hard to break into the international market because you feel like you really need to be face-to-face in order to sell.

Those emailed Powerpoint and PDFs aren’t quite doing the trick, are they?


You’re better – but THEY are getting the sales.

The competition’s product doesn’t even come close. Their offering isn’t anywhere near as advanced as yours, but they still manage to get the sales that you know you could better serve.

They seem to be getting more traction online with their social media and general promo.

You know deep down that if you could just get your message out there effectively, you would surpass them in no time.

Explaining how you’re different (superior) is essential.


Have previous attempts producing videos failed?

It’s not like you haven’t thought about making a video (or two) – you’ve probably already attempted it at least once.

Chances are, it hasn’t gone well.

It’s hard to trust marketing companies, especially when your current marketing team has been failing to produce results, right?



The Motionvillee Complete Video Package

When you’re navigating the journey as a SaaS company, it’s challenging to explain the REAL value of your service and differentiate yourself from well-known competitors – especially within the constraints of a modest marketing budget.

This is why we created the Motionvillee Complete Video Package.

More than just a single video – it’s a comprehensive package made up of stunning visuals, emotional storytelling, and multiple video versions.

Designed to launch across your entire marketing and sales funnel, these videos stand out – they’re noticeably better than anything else in your market. (this will be easy for you to gauge just by looking at the video).

All while communicating your value powerfully to every decision-maker in your space.

Motionvillee can also help you launch the videos across your entire marketing and sales funnel, keeping your content relevant and engaging for your audience at every stage of their buyer’s journey.

This means that you’re getting not just one asset – but multiple. And they’re all based on the same messaging while ensuring your marketing stays fresh.

Our secret weapon lies in our unparalleled video quality that’s miles ahead of anyone else in the SaaS space – whilst being very cost-effective.

So Motionvillee is NOT just a one-off solution, but a long-term video marketing partner- we become our client’s secret weapon.

Specialized in B2B SaaS, Motionvillee brings expertise and more than 13 years of experience creating videos for similar companies. So we understand the terminology as well as current trends and inject this deep knowledge/understanding into your project.

With Motionvillee, you’re equipped with not just videos, but with a strategic asset that elevates your market position.

And the very best part?

You won’t need a Hollywood Budget.

Check out this example we produced with Keka & SCW:



What results to expect

Okay so you’re certain you need a video.

But what can, and should you expect when you have a professionally produced video that is also launched optimally?


1. You’ll explain what you do in a very powerful, simple way to EVERY decision-maker in your market:

You’ll have a super-premium marketing tool that succinctly explains your service, what the benefits are and why people should use it. After watching the video, decision-makers such as CEOs and CTOs will immediately “get it”, and be comfortable with the concepts.


2. Understanding:

Your market and everyone that watches your video will finally understand your service, your company and its value. “Why you are the best software in the market” will be obvious.


3. Qualified Leads:

Once you’ve implemented the video into your marketing and sales funnels, the leads that come through will already understand your service. This means that you’ll be attracting more QUALIFIED leads – your sales cycle will reduce significantly because you won’t be having to explain your very complex software to every single lead.

By the way, here’s a great example of a video produced specifically to attract QUALIFIED deals:




4. Long-term video marketing partner

You will have a long term cost-effective video marketing partner that you can trust – which is a huge competitive advantage.

For all the subsequent videos you go on to produce over the next 12 months (and beyond) you’ll have a partner you can trust to get the job done professionally and cost-effectively.


Common mindset mistakes when producing videos

Let’s have a closer look at a few common mindset mistakes we’ve seen when considering a video project. Hopefully, you’ll allow us to help you avoid these – but even if you don’t work with Motionville, keep these in mind:


1. Don’t try to emulate a Super Bowl ad or be too creative or abstract. We LOVE these types of videos! But they are appropriate for companies who are already well known in the market. Especially for your first few videos – start with Explainer Videos that gives a B2B decision-maker audience the information they are looking for as quickly as possible


2. When you launch the video to a social media platform, it’s unlikely to produce tangible business results, because only a few hundred people will see it. Real results require a methodology for putting the video consistently in front of the right decision-makers at the right time (yes, we advise you on this during your project)


3. The design of your video needs to be high quality enough for the viewer to FEEL you are established, professional and trustworthy. Low-production videos still have their place – but only AFTER you’ve created trust and understanding with a professional video first.


Interested to learn more about how this would look in your B2B SaaS? Most prospects are surprised at how cost-effective our solutions are, given the impact. It’s worth booking a call with a Motionvillee Video Strategist.

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