The secret weapon making Blockchain and Crypto companies stand out

When you’re growing a Crypto and Blockchain business, it’s challenging to explain your value proposition and your vision clearly to investors, customers, users, and communities.

As a director, you might have watched some excellent videos from your competitors.

At some stage, you likely received a request from a potential client asking for a video that they could share with their team.

So the question is, have you had a video to give them?

  • If you did, how engaging and successful was it?
  • If you didn’t, is there a reason you haven’t created one?

Either way, if you don’t have a short, effective video explaining your services, how is anyone supposed to understand what you do and why you’re better than the rest?


For starters, why should you listen to anything we say?

We are NOT simply another animation company competing for your attention online.


1. Have a look at our work: We specialize in B2B crypto & blockchain. So we bring the experience from your peers.

2. Our videos attracted investors: Our videos have helped numerous crypto projects secure funding through various channels, including seed rounds, IDOs, ICOs, and pre-sales.

3. We’ve worked for world-leading crypto companies: Like Coinbase, Kusama, Ankr, Blockset, Ruby, Matador Advisors, Aetas Energy, Tapioca, Floor DAO, and the list goes on…

4. Check out our case studies: We have in-depth case studies with our long-term partners in the West. You can check them out. And if you want, we can connect you directly with them for their firsthand experiences.

5. Highly experienced in our field: With over 12 years in the industry, we’ve created over 4000 videos. Operating globally, we have three office locations and clients in 18 countries (and still growing).

6. We could go on, but we’ll stop the bragging (for now): You get the point, we’re experienced and know what we’re doing.


Addressing B2B Challenges through Video Solutions

We’ve collaborated with many Cryptocurrency and Blockchain leaders over the years. We’ve been noticing common challenges that they face.

Let’s discuss the top four problems Crypto and Blockchain leaders solve using videos. See if you can relate to any of these.


Making sure everyone understands “what we do” on a large scale.

Even if your CRM or LinkedIn is full of contacts, it doesn’t guarantee sales. Especially if your audience struggles to understand the basics of your service.

This becomes stressful, especially with significant potential customers, when you can’t clearly explain “what we do.” Hence, you lack sufficient control over the flow of qualified leads.

By the way, our collaboration with Kusama is an excellent example of effectively addressing this issue:


Explaining your complex system is not easy.

Clients struggle to grasp what your product actually does. This means you’re only relying on how your software can benefit them.

Expressing this message in a clear and brief way has been a challenge since you started marketing. Essentially, you have a lot of tech that needs simplifying for easy understanding.

As a result, breaking into the international market has been challenging because you feel face-to-face interaction is necessary for selling.

Those emailed PowerPoints and PDFs aren’t quite hitting the mark, are they?


Too many restrictions on crypto advertising

You’re figuring out ways to advertise in the crypto space and it’s not easy.

Regulatory uncertainties and restrictions frequently limit your advertising options, posing a considerable challenge in expanding our reach to a broader audience.

You frequently wonder if there’s a way to emphasize security features without lowering the significance of your product to a wider audience.


You’re better – but THEY are getting the sales.

You know that the crypto space is highly competitive, with numerous projects and tokens vying for attention and market share.

You’re far ahead of your competitor’s product. You’re more advanced, but your competitors still outperform in sales that you know you could serve better.

Deep down, you believe that effectively communicating your message would quickly surpass them.


Getting traditional users to embrace crypto is tough

Cryptocurrencies are still considered complex, unreliable, and unfamiliar to many people.

Despite the growing crypto popularity, achieving mass adoption with negative perceptions remains tricky.

You’re not able to find ways to educate traditional users and institutions so that they embrace the crypto world.


Lack of Trust and Credibility

Establishing trust and credibility in the crypto and blockchain realms is an ongoing challenge.

Due to past scams and misconceptions, gaining the confidence of users and investors proves difficult.

You don’t know exactly how you can build confidence in them.

It’s tough when prospects do not gain confidence in the safety and reliability of the technology. Isn’t it?


Have previous attempts at creating videos failed?

It’s likely you’ve considered making a video (or two) before.

Chances are, it wasn’t successful.

Trusting marketing companies can be challenging, especially when your current team has failed to produce results, right?

It’s not like you haven’t thought about making a video (or two) – you’ve probably already attempted it at least once.


The Motionvillee Complete Video Package

Growing in the Crypto and Blockchain industries comes with a challenge. It’s tough to explain the REAL value of your service, build trust, and stand out from established competitors all at once. And that too, with budget constraints.

More than a single video, it’s a comprehensive solution featuring captivating visuals, emotional storytelling that builds trust, and multiple video versions.

Tailored for your entire marketing and sales funnel, these videos outshine competitors, instantly recognizable by their quality.

Motionvillee ensures your message is well-received by your traditional audience, launching videos strategically across every stage of your buyer’s journey.

It’s not just one asset but multiple, maintaining consistent messaging while keeping your marketing fresh.

Our unparalleled video quality is cost-effective and miles ahead in the crypto space. This makes Motionvillee a long-term video marketing partner, your secret weapon.

Specialized in Crypto, Blockchain, and Web3, we leverage over 12 years of experience, and understanding of industry terminology and trends.

With Motionvillee, you don’t just gain videos, you also gain strategic assets, elevating your market position.

This is all without needing a Hollywood Budget.

Check out this example we produced with #####: [VIDEO PORTFOLIO EXAMPLE]


Results to expect

Certainly, you understand that a professionally produced and optimally launched video is essential. Here’s what you can and should expect:


1. You’ll communicate ‘what you do’ powerfully and simply to every decision-maker in your market.

You’ll have a premium marketing tool presenting your service, its benefits, and the reasons why it stands out. After watching the video, decision-makers will immediately “get it”, and understand the concepts.


2. Understanding.

Everyone who watches your video will finally comprehend your service, your company, and the distinct value you bring. The superiority of your software in the market becomes unmistakably clear.


3. Regulatory restrictions won’t stop you

Limited advertising options won’t hold you back.You’ll have a customized tool that explains your services effectively in just 60 seconds. Even if you get fewer chances to show up in front of the audience, you’ll still be recognizable.


4. Gain trust

Through the right explainer video, you’ll be able to simplify complex crypto and blockchain concepts, educating the audience by providing accurate, reliable, and transparent information.

With clear communication and visual engagement, the right video will be a powerful tool for building trust & credibility.


5. Qualified Leads:

Integrating the video into your marketing and sales funnels draws in more QUALIFIED leads. They’ll understand what you do and why you’re important to them.

As a result, your sales cycle will be significantly shortened, as there won’t be a need for extensive explanations for every single lead.


By the way, here’s a great example of a video produced specifically to attract QUALIFIED deals:



6. Long-term video marketing partner

You’ll have a reliable, cost-effective video marketing partner, offering a substantial competitive edge.

For all subsequent videos produced over the next 12 months and beyond, you’ll have a trusted partner ensuring professionalism and cost-effectiveness.


Common mindset mistakes when producing videos

Let’s delve into some common mindset mistakes we’ve noticed in video projects. Whether or not you choose to work with Motionville, considering these pointers will help:


  1. Avoid attempting to mimic a Superbowl ad or getting overly creative and abstract. Everyone LOVE these videos, no doubt! But they’re better suited for companies that are already widely recognized in the market. For your initial videos, focus on explainer videos that promptly provide essential information to a crypto audience. Prioritize clarity and relevance to effectively convey your message.
  2. Launching your video on a social media platform alone won’t likely yield tangible business results. Why? Because only a few hundred people may see it. Achieving real results demands a strategy-consistently placing the video in front of the right decision-makers at the right time. Rest assured, we will guide you through this methodology during your project for optimal impact.
  3. Your video designs need to be high quality enough for the viewer to FEEL you are an established and reliable professional. While there’s a place for low-production videos, it’s essential to deploy them only after you’ve built trust and understanding with a professionally crafted video. First impressions matter—ensure your initial video reflects the excellence and credibility you want to convey.

Keen to know more about how this would look in your business? It’s surprising to most of the prospects how cost-effective our solutions are, given the impact. It’s worth booking a call with a Motionvillee Video Strategist.

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