Three types of videos to increase website user experience and Double your Conversions

Animated Videos and ROI

“Salt and Pepper”.

Take a moment and think about how your dish will taste without them. No flavor…!!!

Just like salt and pepper holds an important position in all the dishes. Likewise, a video also holds a prominent position while crafting your marketing strategy.“Videos” and “salt and pepper” are a basic, essential, most important aspect of any dish. 

So, would you eat a dish without salt and pepper? 

Then why would you serve a dish that actually is missing a crucial ingredient, to your customers? If you really want to make an impact on your potential customers, just include a video.

A survey of online retailers showed-

Videos on Product Pages

9% might not sound like a big deal– just take a moment and think about it again: For every 1000 visitors to that page, 90 of them made a purchase.” That’s HUGE!!

Here is the list of the type of videos that you need to know before planning your video strategies-

Types Of Videos

1. Animated Explainer Videos-

This is my personal favorite- because it is  “animation” combined with sensible video script writing to give it a corporate business video look. The best way to entice your audience is by using a noteworthy animated explainer video on your website. An animated explainer video is a perfect way to hold the attention span of your traffic. Animation can grab anyone and anywhere- be it a grown-up, be it a cute kid, or a dog (I am not kidding! Even my dog loves to watch animation)…

A perfectly made customized animated explainer video can push a buyer to get a better understanding of your company.

An animated explainer video brought Dropbox a whopping 10 million new leads. Want to give it a try?

Add Animated Explainer Videos

2. How-To Videos

How-To Videos are pretty self-explanatory. If you have a product that you want to explain then you might opt for this kind of video. It contains all the step-by-step details about the product. How-to-use videos work well for those customers who prefer specifics and details.

3. Webinar Videos

These are the third type in my list. 

There is no specific subject for a Webinar. It can be on any subject, from the history of your organization to the most crucial part of your products or services. 

Let’s wrap up-

It is reported that customers who watched more videos ended up spending more on the website.

Average Graph

I want to let you in on a tiny-little secret. Your site is currently swimming in the gigantic sea of 47 billion websites around the internet.

Billion. With a ‘b.’

A video can help you to get your product and content in front of the right people, to get people to opt-in, engage, or buy.

A short animated explainer video gives your customers a chance to see the way your product moves.

It gives a chance to use voice (sound) to generate a rapport, genuine excitement and passion for the product without relying on exclamation marks.

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