Using explainer video in marketing automation

Explainer Video in Marketing Automation

There was a time when the business world used to measure the success of videos with metrics such as likes and shares. Nowadays, everyone knows that they are only for vanity and concentrate on performance metrics like conversion rates, leads generated, etc. In the Content Marketing Institute’s “B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks” 2019 report, it says that marketing automation software provides better insight into how content performs. 

Videos are no more just top-of-the-funnel fluff that you feed to customers who are only in the ‘Awareness stage’. There is a lot of focus on prodding your buyers to transition smoothly to the final stage- purchase. Businesses use videos to nurture their customers these days. With the help of marketing automation, the entire gamut of processes gathers steam to expedite everything. If you are looking to hire the services of an explainer video production company that is at the forefront of making videos, then look no further than Motionvillee. 

Here’s what you can do to use explainer videos and marketing automation to make you grow as if it were on steroids:

#1 Faster Lead Generation:

Watching videos are much more powerful vis-a-vis the other type of content because it is an all-round immersive experience. Most of your senses are active. Marketers love videos because it is easy to share across different areas. When your target audience consumes your content, their buying intent increases considerably and it becomes incredibly easy to make them move further deep into the funnel. 

What to do: Reward your followers when they share your company’s explainer video. Use a CTA where you allow the ones who shared to fill in their details so that they could grab the reward. Use your marketing automation system to host this and as soon as they input their details, you can add them into the system so that you nurture them slowly. 

If you are looking to receive leads every day on auto-pilot, then you can get the help of Motionvillee, an explainer video company that makes top-class videos. 

#2 Lead Scoring:

Lead Scoring is a method where you use points based on criteria that is unique to your business, for example: industry, designation, website visits, video views, webinar, form completion, live chats, etc. Lead score is the addition of all these points. There is no way you can run a business by doing lead scoring manually. Marketing automation makes this possible as it has the ability to do anything at scale. 

You will be able to track the time spent by someone on your video. If you find that someone has spent a considerable amount of time on it, then this is what can happen with marketing integration and explainer video:

  • The Marketing and Sales team will be apprised of the fact that the user is on the website right now, including information on what video is being watched.
  • Thanks to this engagement, the lead’s contact is updated and the lead score is recorded. 
  • If the lead’s score is desirable enough for it to be a client based on the criteria, then the sales rep will be immediately notified and it will come with information that ranges from website visits, videos watched, recent visits, purchase history, etc. 
  • With so much information about the prospect in hand, it becomes easy to have a conversation with the lead

#3 Lead Nurturing:

Building credibility takes a lot of time, which is why you never sell in the first instance someone tries to contact you. That’s a bad strategy to have. Thankfully, marketing automation can help you build trust with your customers in a much simpler way. 

Now that we know that each activity of the lead is tracked, recorded and analyzed and that all of this information is fed into the marketing automation platform, this data can be used.  

#4 Measure your strategy:

Video gives you metrics that are to the point about how users are consuming it. Since they are in-depth in nature, you will be able to understand a lot about your visitors which will help you with targeting and strategizing. All the information about the visitor’s consumption will be available It will help you with lead scoring. 

Are there parts in your video which your customers keep skipping? Are there sections in the video that people keep visiting over and over again? Metrics like this will help you redefine your marketing strategy. It will also make you rethink your content strategy and its quality. 


Video is definitely one of the strongest marketing assets, especially since the Internet speeds available to the common man are increasing by the day. With CTAs pop out in a video, in-video forms and email gates, you can easily measure buyer interest as well. If you add marketing automation on top of it, you will be able to map content to the lead profile. 

If you haven’t integrated your explainer video with marketing automation software, you will miss out on a lot. With videos, you can know which part was watched, re-watched and skipped. When you have actionable data like this, thanks to your marketing automation software, you will know how to nurture these leads so that you can convert easily. 

Want to create kick-ass explainer videos that will make your customers fall in love with you, Motionvillee is here to help you. 

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