What are some of the emerging technologies that may influence the animation industry?

Emerging Technologies in Animation Industry

There is no doubt about the fact that the animation industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world right now. Animation is deeply connected with the entertainment industry and is also a big part and parcel of the advertising and marketing industry. It has also impacted other industries such as education, medicine, architecture, engineering, etc. 

With new technologies like motion graphics and hybrid animation, it has become one of the most sought after medium to convey your thoughts and emotions. The industry has gone through a lot of evolution and it is in a state where even the most complex aspects are done in an easy manner nowadays, thanks to emerging technologies and tools. If you are looking for an animated explainer video production company that can help with your needs, please do get in touch with the MotionVillee team. 

Here are some of the emerging technologies that may influence the animation industry in the future. 

#1 Motion Graphics:

Motion graphics create the illusion of movement, which when combined with audio can make storytelling easy. There was a time when motion graphics was only possible on cartoon-based characters where movements of illusion were produced. Nowadays, even human-like characters, infographics, and other imagery is included as a part of it. This makes the animation look much more lively and vibrant. MotionVillee, an animated explainer video company would be able to help you use motion graphics for your company’s explainer video. 

#2 AR & VR:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been there for quite some time, but it is only becoming mainstream now, especially in the animation industry. There are not a lot of players in the market right now as there is a skill set necessary to create AR/VR-based animation. But it is a perfect way to create dynamic storytelling animation videos. Its benefits haven’t been fully explored yet. A highly experienced animated explainer video production company would be able to add AR and VR elements to create highly impactful videos. 

#3 2D animation in marketing:

Vector-based animation or 2D was always there. It is not a new technology and was wildly popular because it was cheap to make and easy to access. All one needed to know was Adobe Animate CC and have a key understanding of keyframes. After the emergence of 3D, companies shifted to making animation videos in this new format. 3D-based animation requires a lot of time and effort to create. Now since there are a lot of Internet users, companies are finding cheaper and faster ways to reach their customers. What better way than to use 2D animation to create simple videos that can grab the attention of the users. 

#4 2D and 3D:

Marketers found that you can give your 3D objects a 2D look which can create impressive elements that can grab the attention of the user. The trend has recently started and companies understand the kind of effect it has on the user. It is also called as Hybrid animation. There are many methods that you can employ to combine 2D and 3D. 

You can cut production costs too if you animate your 2D characters on top of everything or place them in a full 3D space. An animated explainer video company like MotionVillee has the necessary wherewithal and tools to create videos that render 2D on top of 3D. 

#5 OTT platforms are driving demand:

With OTT platforms like Netflix and Prime becoming mainstream, there is an unimaginable need for different types of content. Audiences are open to animated content in a wide variety of formats, styles, and genres. This demand is opening channels for different kinds of unique animated programs to be made. Studios around the world are working round the clock to create something different to cater to the audience. 

If you can create a compelling animated story, you can feed it to a global audience instead of showing it to your friends and immediate clients in your backyard. Since there is such a large scale of users who can consume your content, animators will be willing to take the extra risk in creating truly evolved content. 

#6 Whiteboard animation:

This is one of the oldest technologies in the animation industry. But why is it getting attention again? Because of the emergence of tools that make it easy for anyone to create whiteboard animation tools without any knowledge whatsoever. Marketers are gearing to use this technology to create simple videos for the top of the marketing funnel prospects. 

If you are planning to create explainer videos, the whiteboard animation technology is the most popular type out there. A highly experienced animated explainer video company will be able to create impressive videos. 

#7 Retro 3D:

Animators are always looking to create something that is unique and can be attention-grabbing. Dry brushing and usage of a variety of colour layers was a trend earlier. This style of animation will be popular in the coming years, it is also referred to as retro-futurism. It uses highly pixelated digital elements and uses lighting effects to create characters and locations in both retro and sci-fi style. 

#8 Dynamic Function Animation:

App developers want to keep the attention of the user and what better way to do it than use animation to create a fantastic experience that they want to keep coming back to. Animators these days are experimenting with creating user interfaces that are vibrant, engaging and lively to the user. For example, create navigational elements that are different, ability to zoom in and zoom out content, and other surprising elements. If you want to create videos that use such elements, an animated explainer video production company like MotionVillee would be able to produce such dynamic videos. 


The animation industry is rapidly evolving and if you want to create a dent in the field of animation with your services or products, there is no better time for it. Animation videos, even with its new digital age technologies will be in a position where it will be consumed on the mobile without any difficulties. 

Using the above strategies may depend on the industry, but there is no question over its potential in the coming years. Animation, Motion graphics, AR and VR, is going to significantly change the way we consume information. The kind of possibilities it offers is mind-boggling, to say the least. Be a part of the bandwagon by working with an animated explainer video company like MotionVillee for your video needs. 

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