Whats cooking today a great explainer video

How and what makes us different from others…? Here are some of our secret ingredients and procedure steps for cooking our delicious video making recipe…

So buckle up! Here we go… Happy reading!

Process steps:

1). Discovering Your Vision

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Even before starting the process of making a world class, premium quality explainer video you should know exactly which kind of audience you’re addressing, what you want to achieve with the video, and where you’re going to showcase it on the Internet. For that, we arrange a quick meeting or a video call to gather all the necessary information and requirements needed to develop a strong concept for your video.

2). Developing the Script

Once after developing a good concept for the video, we move ahead on to the next step. We pass on all these necessary information to our creative scriptwriter, who then crafts out a deeply written and engaging script, which acts as a base for your explainer video. Make you go through it before we move on. Or else if you think you are creative enough to better explain about your idea by your own script? Awesome! Provide us the one written by you.

3). Visualizing a Conceptual Storyboard

The one approved script is then passed on to our concept/storyboard artist to craft a highly creative and conceptual storyboard out of it. It acts like a comic book or a wireframe of the video with a base concept. Giving you an early idea of how your video is going to look further.

4). Designing Graphic Illustrations

Once you completely visualize the story and happy with it, our team of highly skilled and experienced graphic designers will design astonishing graphic illustrations with catchy colors, cool designs, suitable illustrations, pictures, vectors, icons, text etc matching and symbolizing your brand identity. And will send it for your approval.

5). Recording Voice-Over Narration

But before we move on to getting these amazingly designed graphics animated into a cool video, you have to choose the right voice talent for the background Voice-over narration of your explainer video, and make sure that the voice, recording pitch, verbal expressions, etc are soothing the theme of your video.
Whether you want it to be professional, corporate, educational, funny etc.

6). Animation: Putting Life into still Graphics

After getting the Voice-Over done, the big step comes in: Animation!
Our talented animators will put the pre-designed approved graphics live into action with characters, motions, emotions, objects, text animation along with the Voice Over narration recorded earlier.

7). BG Music & SFX

You are now just one step closer to getting your classy explainer video done. Once you approve the animated video, we’ll get you to choose the background music best suiting the mood for your video and finish it off with a topping of engaging sound effects alongside adding more emotions, making your viewer even more connected to your video.

8). Delivery

That’s it! Your professionally designed, classy explainer video is here! Which you can share with anyone you want to on any platform and on any device via social media or put it on your website and convert your visitors into customers.

Ground Rules

This is not a dark part like it’s title… On the contrary, it is that part which acts as both a money and time saver in your video production process. For seamless and uninterrupted workflow on your dream project please remember to always give regular feedback to our artists on every single update shared of every single phase. Have a question, doubt or a query about anything? Simple… Reach out!

We promise to response you within 24 hours of a business day. And make sure that things are going as per your requirements from day rest to avoid any re-works which may cost you both extra price an time… It’s like you have to change your socks once after tying your shoelaces. So for a smoother and easy going process which can save you from putting both extra and money, keep things simple, straight and as clear as crystal water from the very beginning.
We all love crystal water, right…?

I hope this blog has enlightened you with more than basic knowledge about the magic behind creating a world-class premium quality explainer video.

Thank you so much for giving a part of your precious time here.
Hope you had a great reading time.

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