Why should you hire professionals to make your animated explainer videos?

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Let’s see what professionals do that others don’t and why you should always hire one.


Listing the features of a product is what anyone can do. What matters is how you do it. To tell what a product or service is in the most entertaining way, without sounding like a salesperson is not an easy job. And a professional is trained to do that and more to keep your audience engaged through an animated explainer video.

Understanding of the audience

It takes years for experts to understand the different types of target audience, to know what they like, dislike, what messaging they will be comfortable with and likewise. Based on all these and many other factors, an animated explainer video is made. For all that you can only rely on an expert.


There are different types of animated explainer videos suited to different business types. A type may work for one business but not for the other. To know what suits which one takes years of experience. While a beginner will go by whatever you suggest, an expert will help you decide which type to go ahead with.

A fixed process

There’s a certain process that every animated explainer video companies or the experts follow. The idea behind having a set process is that the work is streamlined, there’s clarity between the team and between the team and the client. This helps in the making of a great video that meets the expectations of the client.


There are times when the client is not available or want changes that seem impossible or might as well have a new outlook on things. In this matter, while a novice will get overwhelmed, a professional will understand these issues and try to work his/her way around it. This level of understanding and to be able to come up with solutions only comes with experience which you won’t find in an inexperienced person.


Yes, this runs our lives. We have to work our routine around this. We have to ensure that we meet deadlines even if that means skipping our meals. This dedication and commitment to give a perfect video is ingrained in every professional and it’s hard to find in a novice.


A shoe string budget or a big budget, a professional can work his/her way around it. After working on a ton of animated explainer videos, a pro knows what will be possible and what will not be in the given budget. They won’t beat around the bush or keep you in dark. A beginner might agree to do everything in a small budget but that can cost you a lot in the long run.

Availability of high-end hardware and software

Other than creative ideas what’s required to create a great animated explainer video is latest hardware and software. It’s impossible to create a great looking video in absence of that. While the freelancers cannot afford it, companies and professionals have up to date software and hardware to take on any task.

So, now you know that it is hard to replace an expert. A professionally designed animated explainer video will not just attract audience, but it will also further your brand’s vision and objectives. So don’t let your neighbour’s son or just somebody make your video. Expand and captivate your customers by hiring professionals who will deliver a video that will put your business on the map. And Motionvillee has a ton of professionals who are great at what they do. So if you want an animated explainer video for your business, click here to get in touch with us right away. You can also drop a mail to us and we will get back to you! Also, if you want to see our awesome videos or know what’s keeping us busy, you can check out Motionvillee.

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