Why Vertical Videos Rule Facebook and Instagram?

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Flip the phone to shoot that video, flip the phone to see what that cute little kitten did. While all this sounds normal, the question is should you or do you flip your phone often? Try and recollect with us!

The answer is most likely to be negative, nope, or no!

Yes, that’s the point, when you don’t flip your phone, the user will not too. Then why stick to the tradition of horizontal video. You are not a tree, move!

Need some solid grounds to believe?
Here is the factual backdrop to what we just put on the table plain and simple.

Fact 1:

As per a ComScore study conducted in 2016

80% of social media users operate on mobile devices 61% of which are on smartphones alone.

Deduction: Given the count of social media user and their preferred mode to interact, make the videos friendly to the mode i.e. go for vertical videos!

Fact 2:

Wibbitz research revealed that
Vertical videos attracted 4 times more engagement than square videos on Facebook and 2.5 times more engagement on Twitter.
On Facebook, vertical videos get 13.8% more visibility than square videos.
Also, vertical videos get 90% more visibility in comparison to posts with an embedded image.
Deduction: More engagement received by vertical videos so far.

Fact 3:

Mediabrix, a mobile advertising platform revealed that
90% of videos watched vertically have a higher completion rate than the videos watched horizontally.
To watch an ad, less than 30% of users will turn phones sideways.
On top of it, these users who turn their phones sideways watch only 14% of the video.
Deduction: Well, ouch for people with a 16:9 horizontal video ad strategy!

Fact 4:

57% of video recorded worldwide come from mobile devices.
Deduction: it means more than half of the world netizens are filming videos vertically already.

Fact 5:

If this didn’t convince you, well consider the fact that
“Smartphone users tend to hold their phone vertically about 94% of the time.”
These numbers tell a story, you need to hear at once. Vertical videos are not the future, they are the present. You might have some queries, which may sound like…

Will vertical video take over social media marketing trends? Can vertical video maximize the ROI?

Well, soon and yes. Let’s break down the benefits that suggest why vertical video is crucial for your brand on social media channels.

1) Vertical videos are the second nature to mankind

We are glad to break it to you that vertical only stories videos are the new focal point of social media platforms, particularly, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. People tend to film and post in the vertical format which is why it comes naturally.

2) Lower CPM and better ROI

Yes, that’s right! Branded vertical video content reaches 58% more people. Also, as we mentioned earlier, vertical videos attract more engagement than square videos on Facebook. How cool is that! You get more engagement and better ROI for your natural instinct to film a video.

3) Get improved video completion rates with vertical video

Vertical videos get a 90% completion rate which is a record to break. You can maximize your social media marketing efforts by publishing vertical videos as it helps in retaining the audience’s attention.


If you offer videos that blend naturally into users’ feeds that is the portrait format for video content, your tracks to maximize ROI through social media marketing are right. Mobile-first and vertical-video focused approach is the leading option for brands who seek to cultivate their image. This era makes it easiest for you to produce and publish branded content with least efforts and added benefits. Start rolling now!

Infographic source: https://breadnbeyond.com/vertical-videos-marketing/

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