Animated Explainer Videos Boost Inbound Marketing Success

Animated Explainer Video and Inbound- Marketing

Inbound marketing is the latest buzzword in the ad and sales industry. But what exactly does it mean? It’s any kind of marketing effort that is aimed at drawing potential customers to your website or to learn about your product or service. Here’s the caveat, though: It does so in a way that creates value for the customer, perhaps entertains them or helps them to solve a problem they are experiencing. Any promotion of the brand, product or service is woven into the larger message and never too explicitly. 

Providing value to customers has become almost a standard for any piece of content that is put out. But it isn’t coming from any deep altruistic motives. Instead, customers no longer respond to promotional messaging unless it’s relatable, helpful or entertaining, which has, in turn, forced marketers to look at other ways to promote brand and businesses.

Now there are different things a brand can do to boost their inbound marketing. They can write blogs that reveal important insights about their niche industry or make an infographic with tips and tricks that would help customers. Case studies and ebooks also work well as offerings in exchange for a site visitor’s email id. But all of these pale in comparison to a stellar animated explainer video made by a professional animated video company in terms of inbound marketing success. What makes explainer videos so special? 

Let’s take a look at why animated explainer videos are the golden child of inbound marketing. 

They’re relatable 

The storyline of an animated explainer video will often show a problem that the customer faces and how the product or service is a solution to that problem. They make the customer feel understood and create a sense of relatability that warms the viewer towards the brand or business. An expert animated explainer video production company knows just how to create that sense of relatability in their videos. Because of their experience, they will be able to guide the tone and content of an animated explainer video that will foster a connect with the viewer. This connect is what creates value for the customer, while showing the brand in a positive light and promoting it all at once. 

They’re helpful

Animated explainer videos can be targeted to serve different purposes. They can be used throughout a <customer’s journey> with a brand, right from creating attraction to interest to desire and ultimately action. Because of the nature of animated explainer videos, that is, they are best suited to ‘explain’ a concept or service offering. An animated explainer video company will always ask what the goal is for a particular video is and how it will help viewers in some way – either to form a deeper understanding or to learn how to achieve a goal. From a business’ perspective, an animated explainer video can show a customer how to use a product or why it helps them solve a problem, thereby creating value for the customer (the cornerstone of inbound marketing) while promoting the business at the same time. 

They’re entertaining 

If you could offer someone a choice between a lengthy blog post or report to read or to watch a video with attractive visuals and a voiceover, what do you think they would choose? According to a survey, 79% consumers would prefer to watch videos. An animated explainer video company knows this and reward viewers by offering videos with an interesting storyline and delightful visual elements. And because most animated explainer videos are 90 seconds long, only the most crucial information is crafted into a concise message. It’s the perfect mix of entertainment (thus providing value)  and information (thus promoting the brand message). 

And the best part? A single animated explainer video made by an experienced animated explainer video production company like Motionvillee can be all three – relatable, helpful and entertaining – at the same time. Of course, it needs some expertise to ensure that your brand’s explainer video ticks all the boxes of inbound marketing, but if you choose the right animated video company, it can be achieved. 

So if you’re looking to really kickstart your inbound marketing and need help making your animated explainer video, you can send us a mail at hello@localhost or comment below. Let’s get talking and make your business video the star of your inbound marketing strategy that it was meant to be. 

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