Benefits of click-worthy video thumbnails in escalating your sales

Importance of Video Thumbnails

Ever in your life encountered a movie poster that is hard on the eyes or looks like somehow photoshopped by a first-year design student? Be honest, and tell me, would you go and watch that movie even if it were for free!!

No (big No).

Your video thumbnail is just like a movie poster. It’s a gateway (A huge one) to enter your video. In fact, just like a movie poster, it should convey everything that your potential viewer needs to know to entice them to watch.

You may have created a killer video full of thrills, that is binge-worthy and would also benefit your audience, 

Your video message will not get across until and unless someone does not click on it to watch it. And if that someone won’t then the ton of effort that you have put into planning, filming, and editing your video would go into vain.

Sure, your video will automatically generate a thumbnail for you. But….

Again the point is!!

Would you really go to see a movie if the poster was “just a random” or was “possibly blurry”?

Would you?

I already know what your answer is, “NO, never, ever!!” So don’t take a chance. Because in Video marketing all the small things matter the most.

“Shockingly 90% of top-performing animated explainer videos use a custom thumbnail”

You need to make thumbnails that crave your audience to press play. Make those thumbnails 


Thumbnails Craving Audience To Play Videos

The main purpose of Thumbnail

Video thumbnails basically are mini-tiny images, the size of a human thumbnail, that’s so where it got its name from. Thumbnails are very simple to scan and quick to register. If someone is interested that they can simply click on or hover on a thumbnail to expand the full picture. The crucial purpose of these mini posters on YouTube is that it entices viewers to click on the videos. This drastically increases your click-worthiness.

Thumbnail acts as a Conversion Machine!

I know what you are thinking. But I am not crazy, I am all filled with sanity. And that won’t change the fact that thumbnails when perfectly done can bring lots of positive changes in your conversions. Fine, I will prove it!!

Behind every Successful video, there is Thumbnail! 

Well, there are various other factors as well, that we will discuss in the coming blogs if you read them.

The fundamental intention is to spread it to as many people as possible. Miraculous conversions will only happen when your video is watched by many. This becomes impossible when your video features a strong and tempting thumbnail.

The Importance Of Thumbnail Optimization for Video Marketing

Maximize your Video and Search Traffic-

How? A catchy thumbnail always drives my eyeball and makes my head turn: thinking about it…when you make a search query on a search engine that is Google, YouTube, etc. Isn’t it the thumbnail of the video which first captures your attention? They play a key role when doing searches on the web and, consequently, for more clicks and gaining views.

A good thumbnail can skyrocket your conversion rates dramatically- 

Thumbnails also give your video conversion a robust impetus. It will tempt the viewers to click on the video play button. And once they do then the rest is taken care of by the script.

Thumbnails talk about your content: 

These little snaps work as mini-posters. Mini posters speak a tonne about your video and its content. They help people in dilemmatic situations of whether to watch the video or not.

“Never settle for generic thumbnails because custom thumbnails “emote the true essence” of your content and therefore” 

Final thoughts

Try to make it custom

When you prefer your animated explainer video to be created by the best-animated explainer video company instead of some ready-made templates, then why should your video thumbnail be generic?  Contact the best animated explainer video production company, Motionvillee and then get ready to smell success.


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