How Explainer Videos can help you boost your email open rates?

Boost Your Email Open Rates with Videos

“Powerhouse duo” is what you will get when you combine Email with an Animated Explainer Video.

On the one hand, Video is hot, and it awakens curiosity in the audience. Videos can be considered as the most effective type of content out there. Audience and Marketers they both adore videos. They are captivating. Engaging. Enchanting. And fascinating.

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On the other hand, we have Email. Did you know including a video in any email can directly increase its open rate by 6%?

Surprisingly alluring, right. This is why every business should start finding the best ways to include video in their email campaigns. 

That is why when you combine email and video the results are shockingly tremendous.

Video and Mail Means Skyrocket Sales
Video + Email = Skyrocket Sales

Video has a significant impact on email performance. Here are some notable statistics are given by- Campaign Monitor

It shows that videos boost an email’s open rates by 19%, boost click-through rates by 65%, and reduce unsubscribes by 26%

Throughout this piece, we will discuss everything that you need to know about this combinatory blend of Emails & Videos. 

Why Use Video In Your Email Campaigns?

So yes, it seems obvious that the combination of email with video will give you a powerful and effective tool. Howbeit not everyone is aware of it.

There are tonnes of emails that a person receives every day. It leads to bombarding. This is why you need amazing content that entices and pushes your audience to click on the email and interact with your marketing email.

Using an engaging video in your email can skyrocket your conversions by tremendously boosting your click-through rates.

The perfect combination of Email marketing with an Animated explainer video can boost your click-through rates by 200-300%.

Yeah, it is that HUGE!!

Build a bigger audience using  Explainer Animated Video

For this, I have jotted down some do’s and don’t for you-

  1. Always try to include word video into your crisp subject line so that the reader knows that there is some juicy content in the email. Let your subject line act as an appetizer before craving them for starters.
  2. Always choose an alluring thumbnail for your video. As the first impression is the last one.
  3. Don’t bombard your readers with a lot of CTAs. So keep it clear.
  4. Avoid sending heavy videos in email for better user experience. Do it by managing good video sizes.
  5. Always send your audiences to your site when they click on the thumbnail. This will directly improve the traffic to your site.

Tip To Be Considered: Don’t forget the call to action

Include at least 1 call to action in your email which will encourage people to share your video. I am one of the 76% who shares a branded video with friends if it was funny and entertaining.


By and large, Video marketing has always proven to be a record-breaking strategy if combined with Email marketing. Including an animated video might feel like a little extra work, but believe us: marrying video and email is worth the effort! 

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