How to Improve Your Customer Experience with Videos

How to improve your Customer Experience with Videos

Investing in a great customer experience is not just about making sales but also about building trust and loyalty. Satisfied customers help your business grow in the long run. So, every time a customer interacts with your business, whether through the first chat or post-purchase support, it affects how they see the brand.

But how do you make sure your customers are happy whenever they interact with your company?

One of the digital assets that you can leverage is a video. It has become an integral part of the online experience, with billions of videos being watched every day across various platforms.

For businesses, this presents a valuable opportunity to connect with customers on a deeper level and leave a lasting impression.

Let’s discover how using videos can upgrade your customer experience and lead to exceptional success for your business.


Answering FAQs Through Video Content:

Customers often face common queries and seek quick solutions to their concerns. Creating tutorial videos that address frequently asked questions offers dynamic and engaging explanations for their FAQs.

It’s recommended to utilize screen-sharing options to demonstrate troubleshooting steps in real-time, providing immediate assistance to customers. You can even prompt customers to visit your FAQ video library for quick solutions to their queries.

You can check out this FAQ video and notice how interactively Amazon answers how to manage the Prime membership in just 30 seconds.


The next one is Amazon explaining how to track Amazon delivery in a time duration of 35 seconds.



Building Transparency and Understanding with Explainer Videos:

Often, your business processes can be complex and challenging for clients to comprehend, right? So you can develop customer experience videos that break down complex processes into visually compelling narratives, building transparency and understanding. Highlighting important steps, special benefits, and USPs can help you look professional and build trust with clients.

Encouraging customer feedback and questions to tailor future explainer videos to their needs can be a good option. For instance, you can check out this content from Trello, a popular project management tool, that effectively teaches its viewers what a Trello Board is.


Retaining Clients from the Start via Onboarding Videos:

Onboarding processes can be overwhelming for clients, leading to confusion and uncertainty.

Through How-to videos, you can guide clients through essential information, empowering them to engage effectively with your offerings.

Incorporating visual aids and step-by-step instructions in your onboarding videos can streamline the client’s journey and build confidence in your business. Including clear calls-to-action (CTAs) in your onboarding videos can guide clients through each step.

For inspiration, you can check out this 2-minute How-to video by Samsung on setting up the Freestyle projector to smooth the onboarding process for their customers.


Connecting Customers via Behind-the-Scenes Video Content

Offering behind-the-scenes glimpses into the inner workings of your business can humanize the brand and build a sense of connection with customers. To resolve this, you can feature team members and highlight their roles and contributions to the business. Sharing insights into your product development or service delivery processes can help you earn trust.

Here is a video ad from Netflix, bringing the customer support team together to introduce themselves and build a sense of connection with the users.


Interact with Customers with Product Walkthroughs

Rather than relying solely on static product images or text descriptions, you can create interactive product walkthrough videos. This allows customers to virtually explore a product from different angles, zoom in on specific features, and interact with interactive hotspots for additional information.

Here’s an example of the onboarding video from Slack.


That’s a Wrap

An exceptional customer experience is non-negotiable in 2024. By leveraging the power of video content, you can deliver personalized, engaging, and memorable experiences that set you apart from the competition. From addressing FAQs to simplifying complex processes and fostering meaningful connections with customers, video content offers endless possibilities for how you can improve your customer experience. Embrace the video advantage and unlock the full potential of your customer experience strategy.

If you’re a business looking to create the perfect customer experience content in such a way that you don’t have to run through mistakes and trial and error, have a chat with us.

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