How to promote your animated explainer video?

Promote Animated Explainer Video

You might have the most fascinating, funny, quirky and engaging explainer video on the planet, but if your potential customers don’t know that such a video exists, then what is the point? This is where marketing your explainer video takes precedence. It is wise to hire the services of an animated explainer video production company, but the next step is to ensure that the video is seen by many. 

If marketing is not your forte, here are 7 solid marketing techniques from the house of MotionVillee:

#1 Use Social Media:

This might seem like the most obvious step, promoting your explainer video through your social media handles, but, not every business does it right. Add hashtags, create contests, do giveaways and whatnot, to pique the interest of your target audience. If the explainer video is the only post that you have on social media, you are doing it wrong. 

Be active on relevant social media channels where you talk everything about you, the benefits of using your product, your customers and what it means to you. Sound humane and not like a corporate signboard that has no emotions. Put out content that makes your audience connect with you. 

Talk about your promotional video even before it is launched. Walk them through the process in which you made the video, storyboard, talk about the script, etc. All of these things entice the audience and makes them eager to take a look at it. 

#2 Influencer Marketing:

89% of marketers say that the ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels, says a report by Mediakix. Contact influencers, prominent bloggers and marketers in your niche and get into a quid pro quo deal with them There are tools that let you tie-up with micro-influencers. Use their following to get more views on your explainer video. 

#3 Use Paid Ads:

Driving organic traffic to your website is a time-consuming affair, but paid ads can get this done for you quickly. One of the best things about paid ads is that you can target your audience based on specific characters so that only the ones who are a part of your target audience will be seeing it, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your campaign. The success of paid ads is based on the KPIs that you use and it is no magic pill. Not only would we suggest Facebook ads and Google Ads, but we would also like to tell you that you could use platforms like Stumble Upon and Outbrain apart from Twitter Ads, Reddit Ads, and so on. 

#4 Email marketing: 

This will only work if you have an email list of customers and prospects. Emails are a great channel if you constantly update your connections on your newsletter. Email marketing hasn’t died down and it never will as it is the closest to get to your customer every single day. Explainer videos can be helped immensely with email marketing. One of the best things about email marketing is that it can be personalized and they are usually highly targeted because they have already given consent to receive your marketing emails. 

An engaged email list will be your biggest weapon when it comes to marketing your explainer video. Be assured that your newsletter subscribers are the easiest to close in case they aren’t your customers already. 

#5 Online communities:

A close-knit section of people who have the same interests is a marketing goldmine for businesses. A group which has 10,000 people of similar interests is more powerful than one that has millions of random people on it. If you have not created a community of users in your niche yet, please do take the effort of doing so. 

Your customers and prospects would love to be a part of a group where they can discuss the industry that you are in. You can be the sole authority in your niche and it becomes easy to close the prospects. Market your explainer video to people in such groups. If you don’t already have a group like this, then take the help of groups which are thriving in this niche. 

#6 Your landing page/Home:

When potential customers land on your site, let the explainer video be the first thing which welcomes them. A website visitor usually lands on the page to know more about your offering and where else can you provide you succinct information than your product than in your explainer video? 

Place the video in such a way that it is easy for your visitors to enjoy the video without any hassle. Remember that not everyone scrolls the entire length of the web page, so it is important that you place the video properly or design the UI in such a way that it is right in front of them as soon as the website loads. Hiring an animated explainer video company with a lot of experience can help you understand more about the placement of the video. Concentrate on the UI so that the users are enticed to click on it to know more about the company. 

#7 Think out of the box:

All the channels that we mentioned above need not be the only ones that you use in your marketing strategy, try different things. The wildly successful ones will usually be a technique that would have looked too unlikely to win. Brainstorm with your ideas to generate a horde of ideas. The ones that can be easily done, please do get working on it. If there are ideas that might look a little too odd, do not hesitate to try them too. Marketing is a game of numbers and there is no right answer for it. In fact, why not talk to the animated explainer video production company that you hired, they may be able to give you ideas too. 


There are many more methods using which you can promote your animated explainer video. But the ones that we have mentioned above are some of the time-tested ones. People love watching videos and it behooves a great brand to give your audience what it wants. Creating a great explainer video isn’t the end of your work. Marketing the explainer video is a big task in itself, and without it, you stand to lose a lot. 

Here’s a piece of advice. If you have something of value that will help a lot of people, then do not be shy about it. This is exactly why you need to promote your explainer video to as many as possible.

If you are looking for an explainer video for your business, the Motionvillee team is here to help you. 

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