Seven reasons you must hire experienced Animated Explainer Video professionals

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Sometimes, there is a sense of casualness when it comes to doing certain things and even established businesses make this mistake. Video production requires professional equipment, thorough knowledge, editing tools and other resources to create a decent output. If a business makes light of creating videos, they are pedalling their way towards doom.

It always makes sense to hire a professional animated explainer video production company every time you want to get videos done for your branding.

Here are 7 reasons you must hire animated explainer video professionals:

#1 ROI:

When you want to save a few dollars by not hiring professionals, you might end up hurting your brand badly which can be expensive in the long run. Imagine having to use a reputation management company to reduce the chatter around your video which had to face the onslaught of trollers because of its poor quality and abysmal writing. An explainer video is as important as your logo, do not go for the cheapest option. Hire an animated explainer video company which knows its craft and can produce incredible ROI with its efforts.

#2 Brand identity:

Creating a brand identity has direct consequences on your marketing, lead generation efforts and likeability. An explainer video has the highest potential to reach your audience. Your customers love high-quality output, why would you tighten your purse strings for video production? Your customers have been witness to low-quality ads, poorly written content, rushed videos, and more. If they were to consume a poorly made video of your brand, you would forever be “that company which made that ugly video. Ugghhh” Get smart. Hire the services of an animated video company.

#3 Professional equipment:

Do you have kids who have a smartphone and masquerade around town saying that they are professional video makers? Steer clear of them. Like everything else in the market, you can obviously get a shoddy piece of video at the price of dirt. But that is not something you want to do for your brand, right? An animated explainer video company would possess high-end cameras, sound equipment, lighting equipment, editing tools, subscription to software, all of which make for a great video.

#4 Expertise:

Working with an animated explainer video production company that is professional can help you produce terrific videos which are high on quality, content and feel. They are able to make great videos because of the range of experienced professionals that they have on their rolls. Getting an explainer video done involves a variety of highly qualified resources. An animated video company would require Editor, Scriptwriter, Voice Over Artist, Videographer, Illustrators, Animators, Music Engineers and more. Working with a professional explainer video company also lets you scale the size of your project on an ad hoc basis.

#5 Creativity:

Expect a cookie-cutter video if you were to work with amateurs, but highly professional animated video production companies have processes that they follow to the T to create maximum impact. These processes are what inspires them to come up with creative storyboard ideas. Since they work with a lot of clients, they would never run out of ideas as they need to be on top of the industry trends as well. Professionals would be able to create videos that can evoke an emotional response using your brand story. You can expect a significant difference in working with an amateur vis-a-vis a professional animated explainer video production company.

#6 Budget:

Well, it is understandable that the budget can be a constraint for many businesses. But if you look at the kind of ROI that a series of good videos, including an explainer video can give, it is huge and a no-brainer to invest in it. It drives growth like no other. It becomes a problem if you don’t add it as an expense on priority, otherwise, it keeps getting shelved for some other date. It is all about priorities. Working with an experienced explainer video production company means you can also make them use their full creative abilities to churn out videos that can be used even in parts.

#7 Experience:

It is impossible to assign a number to experience, it is priceless. It is the difference between an amateurish but expensive video versus a terrific explainer video made on a limited budget. Seasoned professionals know where they can cut the frills but still derive maximum impact. They know what kind of lighting works, which fabric provides the aura on the main lead, and so on. You get the gist, right?

It is something that cannot be taught, the knowledge gets accumulated over years of experience working on the same craft. They can easily differentiate between a good storyboard and one that requires a lot of rework. No matter what kind of business you are in, an experienced animated video production company would be able to tell you what your customers will like.


Using video content as your go-to strategy in getting leads and building brand is the right way to go. Not a lot of businesses have the wherewithal to do it in-house, this is where hiring the services of an animated video company will make sense. All you need to do after hiring an animated explainer video company is to supervise and give feedback after each stage so that the output is in line with your expectations.

But if video production is not a strategy for you, you are going in the wrong direction. If you have a video strategy and it reads like this-” Do videos for the cheapest rate possible,” then you are setting your business up for closure.

If you would like to hire the services of a video production company to help with your branding, get in touch with the folks at Motionvillee who can script and produce top-class videos for your brand.

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