Three main things you should know about corporate animation videos

Corporate Animation Videos

Videos can be considered as powerful as Thor’s hammer. Because videos are mighty. Videos persist in unbreakable strategies.  It has this magnetized force that can pull your visitors and give them a reason to stay on your website.

Animation videos have dynamism. It can seize the attention of the customer. It can be used ingeniously in any tone. To create an everlasting impact Animation videos can be easily mended into adept, passionate, informative or funny ways.

Now comes a dilemmatic question- Which type of video is best suited for your business?

First things first, there are two types of videos. Before we proceed we need to understand what both videos offer.  The animation is the art of drawing sketches and objects and then portraying them and arranging them in a series of frames, which then results in moving images. Animated Explainer Videos tend to be used to educate and inform their viewers.

On the contrary, if we talk about the live-action video, it is a recording. Live-action videos can refer to both cinematography or videography that does not make use of animations.

If you ask me I would have chosen Animated explainer video over the live video while making a corporate video…


Because animated explainer videos simplify tricky ideas or subject than live-action videos could.

Still don’t believe me? I like Skeptical. So here is the fact- about adding corporate animation videos to your marketing-

“Your business’s marketing efforts will make your target audience 10 times more likely to engage with your brand.”

“10 times”.


Creating A Great Video


Did I mention that an Animated explainer Videos can actually contribute to your bottom line?

A business which uses animated explainer videos to promote their product has seen an astonishing increase in their sales by 40%.

Here are some of the ways that you can use an animated explainer video to increase their marketing and sales. 


Things About Corporate Animated Videos


  • Don’t forget to add magic ingredients to your Video-

Videos become enthralling when you add magic ingredients to it. Having that said, suitable video narratives.  Such inclusions will play a crucial role in your animated explainer video. And when we talk about corporate video, a narrative means a completely different thing. It means the collation of an engaging and enticing story with certain elements. You can spellbind your audience easily.

The four major ingredients of a “grand” and “mighty” video narrative are:

Character- Definitely the main character of your video is the product or the service.

Mission  – Lookout for your customers’ pain points. And address them.

Climax – Now it’s time to tell your customers how your protagonist (the product) can fight the villain and solve their problem.

Resolution – Finally, it’s all about introducing the CTA.


Want To Stand Out Of Crowd


  • Show your signature style-

Your animated explainer video is an impressive extension of your “brand” and a perfect video can imbibe the image of your brand into their minds.

So when you are creating a corporate video, make sure to include your brand colors and logo. Building with your brand signature style will get you mind-blowing results.


  • Seek for right channels for sharing-

Why do we create a video? To promote our brand or to create brand awareness, right. One of the biggest mistakes most of the promoters do while uploading videos – is not to share it on the right platforms that can bring more reach and exposure. Remember all the channels have different sets of audiences. Just keep in mind viewers respond to video content differently depending on the social platform or marketing channel.

Like on Instagram you can only upload a 30-sec short video but on the same hand a video longer than 30 secs will do wonders on youtube.

Did I mention that an Animated Explainer Videos also looks “slick” and “crafty”?

At Motionvillee, we strive to create just perfect animated explainer videos (not more, not less, a perfect blend) for our clients from start to finish. 

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